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This is Yuichi Ohtsuka's first solo album, released on Oct. 15, 1997. The comfortable blend of his originals and some Brazilian numbers gives you an all-around taste of his accordion style. For example, some pieces feature multi-track recording of his accordion, another is a samba played with guest Brazilian music star, Luizon Maia (bass), a famous standard number by Jaco Pastorius, a Japanese nursery rhyme.... You can sit back and enjoy this unique album without any explanation. The jacket
art is by illustrator Ms. Miwa Aoki.

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This is the first album of an unusual acoustic trio which consists of a steel pan drum (Yoshihiro Harada), acoustic guitar (Kazuhiko Obata), and accordion (Yuichi Ohtsuka). The sound of the steel drum will take you to a land of everlasting summer, which blends well with the acoustic guitar and the somewhat sorrowful melody of the accordion. The third piece is now heard on-air on the Fuji TV cooking show, "Ikue and Imori's Cooking banban". Also, you can hear the seventh piece, "Nao 'E'?" in another Fuji TV show, "smap x smap"'s Bistro Map (as of 11/12/97). You can't live without the sound of "PAN CAKE" when you cook!


Nova Nostalgic

The overwhelming popularity of their first album inspired PAN CAKE to release another album. With Ms. Kumi Hara (Vo) and Masayuki Kume (Per) as guest stars, this second album surpasses even their first! The sixth piece, the Beatles number, "Norwegian Wood" and the seventh piece, "Morning Love" are highly recommended. Check out Ohtsuka's solo harmonica in "Morning Love"


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