Yuichi Ohtsuka Profile (As of July, 1997)

Born in Tokyo, Japan, December 17, 1958. His professional music career started when he was playing piano in a Modern Jazz Club in college. At that time he was discovered and worked with famous artists who are leading figures in fusion and new music. His sound, which used electronics at that time, was colorful and remarkable.

In his career as a producer, he programmed the Roland synthesizer for performance in the project, Pendulum (with the guitarist, Toshiki Nunokawa, who is the leader of another band Valis), produced the title music for a program on Tokyo FM radio, and music for a theater drama.

In 1991, he formed his own band "SO-DA!" and won prizes in a number of contests. In 1993, he played a session over NHK-FM radio. And he released his first CD single in 1994. His musical activities developed through his live performances at his home base, the club "Roppongi Pit-In". His melodious, warm sounding original numbers won him wide popularity from music lovers of all sorts.

Recently, He joined a band called "Pan Cake" with the unusual instrumentation of a steel pan drum, an accordion, and an acoustic guitar. The group has released two albums on MIDI records. He plays the accordion, composes, and makes arrangements for this group. His originality comes through in his Brazilian influenced sound, his original pieces, and his unique arrangements of some unusual songs.

In his latest work, he clears entirely new ground with the accordion. His expression using the accordion sound, free from the limitation of any traditional style, has been very well received. Since releasing his first solo album "Accordiana" in the fall of 1997, he has pursued solo performance in earnest.

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