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Emblem Patch Size
105mm (4.13in) × 80mm (3.15in)

¥2,700 JPY (Including postage.)

Shipping Method
I will use International Standard-sized Mail.

Delivery Date
I will ship the patch after your payment is confirmed. Delivery takes 10 days to 14 days.
(Please understand that the delivery date may change by the postal situations in each country.)

About Order
Constraints such as admission to the club does not have any.
Please order by following Order Form.
When I received order from you, I will e-mail you to confirm your request. It has the price, my address, telephone number, fax number, etc.
If my e-mail will not reach you in several days, you have the possibility that the mail of your order has not reached me, so please order again.
When I could prepare to send you the patch, I will contact you by e-mail again.

Payment Method and Payment Date
I will use PayPal and send you the payment request. Please pay by Paypal for within 7 days.

ペイパル|Mastercard,VISA,American Express,JCB

About Return
About damage under the delivery, please contact me within 7 days after the patch arrives. I will exchange it for the equivalent one. If 7 days or more have passed after the patch arrived or it was used or it was damaged by you, you can not return or exchange it. When you ordered, it considers that you agreed to the above-mentioned content.

Order Form
Please fill in the following item, and submit the order.



Address 1

Address 2


State / Province

Zip / Postal code





Payment methods

(Please write here if the shipping address is different, etc.)

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