Ayu Kebari (Kabari)
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Ayu Kebari

Ayu Kebari has been well known "Kaga Kebari", "Banshu Kebari" and "Tosa Kebari" and it is said that there are several thousand kinds. Flies of the photo are "Kaga Kebari" of Meboso Hachirobei Company, "Banshu Kebari" of Katsuoka Kebari Works and "Tosa Kebari" of Takahashi Kebari from the right. When Ayu (Sweet fish) became the adult fish, eat mainly the alga which stuck to a stone in the river bottom, but when Ayu goes up in a river from March to May, there is time to eat animal bait. Ayu was able to fish by a fly, so the fishing using a fly has been done from the Edo Period and improvement and ingenuity have been added. There are various views from the old days, and the reason that Ayu chases a fly is not perfectly clear.

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