Fukuchigawa River, Shirakuchi

amago mark
Fukuchigawa River is located in the west of Hyogo Pref.
That belong to Hyogo prefectural natural park.

near fishing center near repose center autumn colors near camparea
Shirakuchi and stream of autumn colors Upper stream
near fishing center field map of fukuchi map of japan
field map of fukuchi map of japan
suspension bridge
Suspension bridge
downstream angler amago
Wonderful downstream Stream near fishing center and friend Nice condition's Amago

blue fish mark --- Japanese Trout or Char inhabit this place.
brown fish mark --- Standing fishing area or Stocked fishing area.

To go to Fukuchigawa River use Route 29 from Yamazaki intersection point of Chugoku expressway and change to Prefectural Rute 6 that run parallel with Ibogawa River. Ibogawa River joins Fukuchigawa River in a little while.
Shirakuchi is surrounded by deep mountains, so we can enjoy beautiful nature throughout the year. In this neighborhood belong to the Setsubikomineyama Hyogo prefectural natural park in Oku-Harima. There are no human habitations from Shirakuchi to the upper area; therefore we can meet good condition's Amago and clear stream. To enjoy fishing leisurely and quietly at off season, it is one of my best streams.

My Best Streams

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