Seasons of a certain stream 3-7

amago mark
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Chestnut Driftwood 1
Driftwood 2
Baby Amago
Wild vine Japanese silver grass Baby Amago

The end of August, after two typhoons and heavy rains, since I became worried my favorite stream, I went to see the situation. In the road, repair had been advanced here and there. There was also a detour that a large-size car cannot pass. The big tree that bared the root by the typhoon of previous year was swept away finally. Earth and sand were flowing into the stream. I thought that is a good condition for fly-fishing because the stream was a little swollen and cloudy, but since there was a angler of the preceding, I was not able to start fishing from the usual place. Although amago of good size came out occasionally, hooking them could not. Only baby amago and ugui (Japanese dace) were able to catch constantly. The speed that rises to a fly is quick as lightning, since the stress to amago is very high. Good fishing may be able to be expected again, if September comes and the temperature a little falls.

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