Seasons of a certain stream 3-8

amago mark
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Stream of early Autumn Baby Amago
Wistaria Beans
Stream Italian passionate fisher
Autumn flower
Iwana Reel seats
Friend Italian Food

Beginning of September, From Italian passionate fly-fisher who is coming to Japan, I was asked the informations and suggestions about the fishing area, how to buy the fishing license, etc., so I have been contacted by e-mail with him. However, since they say that they will come also to the city in which I live, I decided to guide my favorite stream. When I talk to friends, it was decided that he also accompany, so we met at the destination, and were fishing with three persons. The weather and the water volume of stream was satisfactory but the catch after all it was just baby amago and kawamutsu (Dark chub). We decided to change into another stream, after going up usual distance. We could catch baby amago and iwana (char) here, and three persons were able to escape Bozu (no fish) barely. Since I went up the two streams, I became exhausted but I was able to enjoy fishing, while tasting the streams of early autumn.
Since he was coming together with his wife, we had a dinner together in a couple on the previous day. We were given the reel seats of chic packaging and the Italian hoods that seems to be delicious then. The reel seats were the wonderful beautiful thing made from the tree of an olive and cherry by him. I would like to use it for my handmade rod in the near future. thanks,

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