Seasons of a certain stream 3-9

amago mark
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Tenkara Fisher in Early Morning Sign of Autumn Sankirai (Smilax glabra)
Autumn Amago
Tsuruninjin (Codonopsis lanceolata) Stream Autumn Amago

The end of September, I went to the stream with two friends 30 minutes earlier than usual. Because there was rain a few days before, the flow had become the moderate volume, and it seemed there were not anglers who go ahead, so we began fishing in a relaxed feeling, but while there has almost been no reaction of trout, we had arrived at the usual place all too soon. After all, one friend was caught only one the amago, but it became pleasant fishing while feeling the sign of autumn along the stream. After I parted from friends must return to noon, I was able to meet to some AMAGO finally by changing the stream.

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