Seasons of a certain stream 2-4

amago mark
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Stream in July
Flyfisher My friend
Beautiful Amago
Young tree Small stream Fishing in the green

Beginning of July, I went to fishing with my friend who was making a promise when a heat wave was continuing. Though we entered the stream of the usual spot, the volume of water was low and water temperature was somewhat high. We fished by turns. However, the reaction to our fly was bad. When we noticed, we had arrived at the place which always ends fishing. We were able to meet with some amago and iwana, and Ugui(Japanese dace) of about 20cm reacted to my fly, I caught it and had been disappointed several times. We moved to the hamlet in the upper part of this stream, and we also were able to meet with some amago and iwana here. We should enjoy going up of stream than the fishing result this time.

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