Seasons of a certain stream 2-6

amago mark
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Distant view of the stream Washed root by rapid stream Nice shape Amago One caught here
Stream that was buried with earth and sand Nice shape Amago Wild chrysanthemum

The end of September. After the typhoon, it already passed ten days or more, but damage of the Kansai area was very serious. Although I may be unable to reach the stream because the road situation etc. is not clear, but I decided to go to see the situation of stream with my friend, since I cared about my favorite stream and it becomes the closed fishing season soon. There were the places of emergency measures everywhere on the way, and there were also many places of single-sided passing, and there was also a place which has not been opened for traffic yet in spite of a national road. I and my friend could reach my favorite stream anyway. The weather was a perfect fine autumn day, but the stream was buried with earth and sand and there was a place where the stream has moved. The water level of stream was high and was still milky. I thought that all trout were passed by rapid flow, but amago rose to our flies here and there, and I was able to catch amago of nice shape. I could not help wishing the stream to return to the former state, although I cannot imagine how the stream is recovered till next season.

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