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Stream in the mountain village
Japanese pampas grass
Current Amago of good condition Japanese knotweed

Although September came, the severe lingering summer heat was continuing, and yet I went to my favorite stream at the last fishing of this season. The stream had moderate amount of water. It may be an effect by the typhoon which brought serious damage to western Japan and especially Kii Peninsula by record heavy rain, but water temperature was 17-degree Centigrade and it was quite higher. I began to fish from 6:30 time, but the trout did not react to kebari of dry type at all, so I changed kebari to wet type, and decided to fish small waterfall etc. selectively. Immediately, I was able to meet an about 25-26cm beautiful red-spotted amago at a small waterfall. Kebari of dry type was able to catch only 1 amago of average size. The stream which already began make-up of autumn looked somewhat lonely on that day.

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