Seasons of a certain stream 1-4

amago mark
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Stream in May
In shallows
Small mountain village
Broad-winged damselflies One was caught here Amagoof a good condition

The end of May, I was doing the promise to go fishing with my old friend from before but I was not able to keep it. I decided to guide him to my favorite stream because we were able to adjust our schedule. I was surprised because the water level had been low water of early in April though we entered the river at the usual spot. We fished alternately and went up the stream but trout hardly reacted to our fly predictably. When we noticed, we had arrived at the place where today's fishing would be ended here if I was one person. By contrast, trout frequently reacted to our fly when we started fishing again because time was still early. We could fish even so happily though we were noticed at once by the trout and were run often because the flow was a low water, and a high transparency. Daytime seems to be better for fishing than early mornings at this season. I asked to an old villager why the water level of this season move up and down. He answered. At the beginning of April becomes low water after the snow thaws, and to the middle of May from the middle of April of the bud season becomes a high water level, because trees in the mountain do not need the large quantity of water yet. At the fresh green season becomes low water because trees need the large quantity of water. I got a lucid answer from him, and felt admiration.

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