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Display Stand of Brown Trout Fario For the assembly of the stand get a dead tree branch then spray a varnish over the branch as this will bring out the colours. you may have to sand and cut the branch a certain way to make it freestanding. Then get some wire (preferably a slightly thicker wire so that the fish does not flop about). Drill holes of the same diameter into the branch where you would like to fish to go. then poke holes in the fish where the wire will go and mount the fish onto the wire.

August 15, 2009Mr. Erik. T.
A trio of Brook Trout. The Trout have been sized using Photo Shop.
The base, rock, grass and tree branch are crafted of paper.

November 14, 2006Mr. Alex Schlussler
A trio of  Brook Trout
A pair of Rainbow Trout. One of the models is enlarged by the Photoshop, and used.
The base, rock and grass are also constructed of paper.

October 23, 2006Mr. Alex Schlussler
A pair of Rainbow Trout
Mobile of Japanese Trout The piano wire of 1mm diameter and the monofilament fishing line are used for the mobile. It made that like tying the monofilament fishing line to the fish hook. Natural trout seems to swim in the mountain stream when mobile is wavering. The luster photo paper was used to express trout's gloss in the print of paper craft. It is very real because gloss is on a roll in the pattern of the body. To give shape, the body wraps around the axis of the colored pencil. The dorsal fin etc. are firmly bent. After each part are firmly bonded, shape is straightened, and it dries enough, they are assembled. Each fin is placed with the board, dried, and made a plane.

March 07, 2006Mr. Katsumi Takaada
Start with a straight stiff wire about 70-80cm long. Make a small loop at one end. Starting from the loop make a triangle with sides about 10-15cm long. Bend the remaining wire up at 90 degrees from the triangle and shape it into a half circle. Then bend the resulting arc back so that the top end of the arc is roughly centered above the triangular base. Make a very small loop in the end of the arc. Use monofilament fishing line, thread the line through a pinhole punched through the dorsal fin of the fish where it is balanced, and tie it off. Tie a loop in the line at the other end, then attach a hook, made from a paper clip about 10-15 cm from the fish, and use the hook to hang the fish from the eyelet of the wire stand. Glue paper over the triangular base, folding the edges underneath. Print the name of the fish on the paper before cutting it out, to serve as a label.
The stand can be used two ways. It can be set down on a flat surface like a table or a shelf. The loop on the triangle can be used to hang it on a wall like a picture, in which case the wire can be bent to set the height the fish hangs at, and how far out from the wall it projects.

March 4, 2004Mr. Larry Roth
Display Stand of Rainbow Trout 1

Display Stand of Rainbow Trout 2
Display Stand of Yamame To make a stable stand, use a stone. Select a good looking stone at a river bank. And use it as stand. Bond a thumbtack to the top of the stone with a gelatinous adhesive. Prick the belly of the paper trout to its thumbtack. But it may become loose. So paste a broken piece of eraser or wood or clay etc. in the belly of the paper trout.
At School Festival of the Isesaki Tech High School.

November 16, 2003Isesaki-Tech High School Head TeacherMr. Hiroshi Maruyama

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