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It was based on performance.By not giving that option to Ward, the Steelers are saying that they didn't want the franchise's all-time leading receiver back at any cost. Ward, who was scheduled to make $4 million this season, could have been willing to playing under the league minimum, but the Steelers never even asked.The Steelers obviously have moved on from Ward. My only question is why did they let a longtime Steeler wait until Feb.
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The idea of Michael Vick returning to the Philadelphia Eagles next year seems far-fetched. If he wants to come back, he's likely to have to accept a drastically reduced salary and either a backup role or a training camp competition with Nick Foles for the starting quarterback job. And with Andy Reid looking as though he'll be out as head coach, there's no way for Vick or anyone else to forecast what will happen with the Eagles in 2013. Vick However, if he is on his way out, it looks as though Vick will get one more chance to start and win a game for the Eagles.
<br>Nice move by the New Orleans Saints on Monday morning. The team just announced coach Sean Payton has agreed to terms on a contract extension that will run through the 2015 season.Payton's previous contract was scheduled to run through 2012 and averaged $4.5 million a season. It's safe to assume the new deal includes a raise in pay.The move makes lots of sense because Payton has been the only coach in franchise history to win a Super Bowl and the Saints have had back-to-back winning seasons.
Fans in New Orleans might want to listen up. Same for fans in Atlanta and Tampa Bay that have their eye on this guy in free agency. Nicks In this Sirius NFL Radio interview with Jim Miller and Rich Gannon, Carl Nicks sounded like a man ready to explore free agency. The New Orleans guard said he hasn't had any contract talks with the Saints."I haven't talked to (general manager) Mickey (Loomis) at all,'' said Nicks, who can become an unrestricted free agent on March 13.Nicks wasn't asked if his agent was in contact with the Saints.
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