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kimono DATE: 14 Jun.(Tue) 02:41:43


Satoshi DATE: 17 Dec.(Fri) 08:56:38

Studio Ghibli's next feature film is "Kokuriko-zaka Kara", literally meaning "From 
the Kokuriko Slope", directed by MIYAZAKI Goro^.  It will be released in the summer of 
the next year.

The distributor Toho announced the news at its line-up release on December 15th, this 

This is the line-up release written in Japanese with the sauce of PDF:

"Kokuriko" is Japanization of the French word "coquelicot" and means "corn poppy".  
The original story is a manga authored by TAKAHASHI Chizuru:

MIYAZAKI Goro^'s father Hayao has favored the manga for 30 years since it was published.  
The background of the story is Yokohama in 1963.  It's said the movie will depict a 
high-school girl's daily life with humor and pathos.

"Kokuriko-zaka Kara"
Planned by MIYAZAKI Hayao
Directed by MIYAZAKI Goro^
Releasing in the summer of 2011 in Japan

legend DATE: 11 Dec.(Sat) 23:19:17

i see that nobody's been here anymore

my question 

for God sake where is teacup chatroom NO.6? 

legend DATE: 19 Nov.(Fri) 09:23:33

because i was chatting on hi ho japanese chatroom #6 (tea cup)

and now i'm still looking for this chatroom on google and this is what i got 

so please guide me 

legend DATE: 19 Nov.(Fri) 09:21:02

hi pple i'm new here so give 
me an intro

Satoshi DATE: 22 Oct.(Fri) 19:42:56

NHK broadcast a program featuring MIYAZAKI Hayao making his next short film last Saturday.

The program is "Purofessyonaruzu  Shigoto no Ryu^gi", literally meaning 
"The Professionals:  How They Manage Themselves" aired at 8:00 p.m. on October 16.  
In the program, Miyazaki struggles with the short film titled "Pandane to Tamago-hime", 
or "Mr. Dough and the Egg Princess".  The film will be screened only in the Ghibli 
Museum, Mitaka beginning November 20.

He aims "the ultimate hand-written animation" in the film.  Although its run length is 
about 10 minutes, 24, 000 drawing boards will be used.  The program says the film will 
be the densest one in Ghibli's history.

Responding the question why he kept challenging, Miyazaki, 69 answered that it was 
"stubbornness and vanity".  And he added, "No healthy words can help me."

Tim DATE: 15 Jun.(Tue) 09:49:09

Wow, I did a search looking for a "Japanese programmer" and I found this site. Funny, because
my girlfriend loves Ponyo and always sings the song "ponyo ponyo ponyo saka na no ko.."
she says it gives her "Power!" Now I sing it too.
I feel bad about interupting the flow of messages here (and I'll help with anyone's English to 
make up for it!) but.... Satoshi! your're a programmer!
My friend(he's in Chiba) and I have built a website for Japanese people 
and need some help but can't find a programmer. If you come across this shoot me an email.

Clef DATE: 2 May (Sun) 22:44:24

Sorry for the long delay. Yeah, I'm still doing the same work. Spent years overseas in
various places since we last met (Japan, Korea, China, Iraq). I think I tried to link up 
with you when I visited Tokyo while I was studying in Kobe, but you were busy at the time, 
if I recall. (would have been back in 2003-2004 I think)

I'm currently living back in the states, but will depart overseas again shortly for another year.

I've really been out of touch with whats been going on in the animation communities. 
I haven't seen any of Studio Ghibli's works since Howl's Moving Castle. I see one only 
one movie has been made since then? Did Miyazaki finally retire?

Satoshi DATE: 5 Apr.(Mon) 19:58:08

Hi, Clef!  Long time no see!

Yes, I still post here., although posting became very fewer than before.

But I practice English as much as before.  Because I still want to talk with people 
from all over the world like you, Clef.

Where do you live, by the way?  Have you changed your job?

Nothing has changed for me.
Except one thing.  I have little chance to go out these years because I have a lot 
of things to do at my home and office.
I hope I can go around to the Ghibli Spots again as we did several years ago.

Clef DATE: 24 Mar.(Wed) 07:21:46

Satoshi!!! You still post here!? Wow, its been years...how you have you been doing?

HAPPYNEWEYEAR DATE: 4 Jan.(Mon) 18:53:34


Satoshi DATE: 16 Dec.(Wed) 19:57:07

A new film of Studio Ghibli is announced.  It is to be premiered in theaters in the 
summer of 2010.

The title is "Karigurashi no Arietti" (literally means "Arrietty in Borrowing Life").
The story is based on Mary Norton's 1952 children's fantasy novel "The Borrowers".
The movie is planned by MIYAZAKI Hayao and directed by YONEBAYASHI Hiromasa, one of 
the most brilliant animators in Ghibli.

This is the official website:

"Arrietty and the Borrowing Family" might be best for the English title, but I'll call 
the movie simply "Arrietty" until the film makers announce the official English title.

Felix DATE: 13 Nov.(Fri) 09:29:47

Hello Satoshi-san,
thanks a lot for posting the photos, I've been wondering for a long time if the places in Mimi wo Sumaseba are based 
on real locations, as some of them really look - and feel - surprisingly a lot like certain places in Prague, Czech Republic
(the same could be said about Majo no Takkyuubin btw). Your photos show the reality is quite a bit different, but
I still hope to be able to go and see those places myself sometime soon, now that I know the location :)
I proly needn't even mention that this is on of my most fav movies ever.

Satoshi DATE: 23 Oct.(Fri) 22:05:31

"100 Erikas", a display of 100 photos featuring a Japanese actress SAWAJIRI Erika, is 
now shown at Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria:

The photos were first exhibited in Tokyo in 2007.  I visited the exhibition three times.

SAWAJIRI Erika was once booked for a new movie "SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO" but canceled 
because of troubles about contract with the management company.

Satoshi DATE: 18 Aug.(Tue) 18:15:03

MIYAZAKI Hayao's latest feature film "Ponyo" (or "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea") was 
premiered the last weekend in North America.  The box office was 9th as the best of 
the Miyazaki films in the inner court of Hollywood:

This is the official site of the movie "Ponyo":

Satoshi DATE: 27 Jul.(Mon) 19:36:00

MIYAZAKI Hayao appeared at San Diego Comic Con with John LASSETER:

He talked about "Ponyo", which is to premiere in North America at August 14.

Satoshi DATE: 19 Jun.(Fri) 20:26:11

SAWAJIRI Erika is selected as the most favorite face among young actresses in Japan 
by a Chinese Internet vote.


The vote was done in the way which the voters from Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing 
selected a picture among the face photos of nine anonymous young actresses.

The nine actresses are at the age of 20 to 24 and very popular in Japan.  The names 
are as follows in order of the popularity in the vote.

TODA Erika
AYASE Haruka

SAWAJIRI Erika now lives in Barcelona, Spain with her husband.  The report says she's 
popular as the star in a TV play "1 Litre of Tears" in China.

Satoshi DATE: 17 Apr.(Fri) 19:14:02

Hello, Hui Jing!  Long time no see!

Was Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea premiered in January in Singapore?  That sounds nice 
because I heard the film would be released much later in many of the countries.

Ponyo and So^suke are very cute and the film displays tremendous animation!  I hope 
everyone in the world would see it.

Hui Jing DATE: 7 Apr.(Tue) 22:02:26

Hey! It's been a really long time since i came to this website.
Anyway, i've watched the Ponyo on a cliff this year in January.
It's cute! Haha.

Satoshi DATE: 21 Feb.(Sat) 17:28:20

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea was awarded The 32nd Japan Academy Prize for Animation of 
the Year (in Japanese):

The film also made HISAISHI Joe awarded the prize for Outstanding Achievement of Music.

The prize for Picture of the Year was given to Departures ("Okuribito" in original 
Japanese title).  The film carried off the prizes in ten categories.

Satoshi DATE: 21 Feb.(Sat) 17:23:11

Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke made 1-2 finish in a questionnaire by a website 
operator (in Japanese):

The question is "Which do you want to see again among all pictures awarded Japan Academy 
Prize for Picture of the Year?"  The website is operated by Oricon, which is famous as 
its CD and DVD charts.

By the way, the questionnaire has the other two questions.  The third question is 
"Who do you want to perform as "an actress in a leading role" in a film?"  SAWAJIRI 
Erika got the fifth place.   For me, this is the most joyful thing in this page (^^

Satoshi DATE: 6 Feb.(Fri) 19:02:50

"100-nen Intabyu^" (literally "100 Year Interview", a TV program featuring MIYAZAKI 
Hayao is to be broadcast on a terrestrial network.  The program has once aired on a 
satellite TV, NHK BS-hi and is digested to 60 minutes this time (in Japanese):

Date & time:  February 14 (Saturday) at 3:45 - 4:45 p.m.
Network:  NHK General
Title:  "100-nen Intabyu^"
Cast:  MIYAZAKI Hayao

Satoshi DATE: 30 Jan.(Fri) 12:13:15

alan, the Tibetan-Chinese singer whom I'm watching is to appear on "HEY! HEY! HEY!", 
a music program broadcast on the Fuji TV network at 8:00 p.m. on next Monday, February 
2nd (in Japanese):

She is to release her 8th single in Japan "Gunjo^ no Tani" (literally "The Valley in 
Deep Blue") on February 4th (in Japanese):

She sings the theme song of a movie "Red Cliff Part II".  A single featuring the song 
is to be released both versions in Chinese and Japanese.

It has been announced that her first album in Japan "Voice of EARTH" is to be released 
on March 4th, too (in Japanese):

ALEX DATE: 4 Jan.(Sun) 11:46:53

Japanese agent wanted for intl trade company

We are an international trade company located in San Diego, California (USA).

The company exports timber products (lumber, plywood) from the United States, Canada and Russia to Japan.
We need a representative/agent in Japan who can work on a part-time basis. Native japanese speaker.
The job will be to look for wholesale buyers and importers in Japan's market. 
The candidate must be able to communicate and hold preliminary negotiations with companies in Japan.
Salary starts at $1,000 - $2,000 / month.
This part-time position can be transferred to a full-time position.
Please email your resume to Alex
sdoilco [at] gmail.com
or call: (619) 677-0356

Satoshi DATE: 12 Dec.(Fri) 20:05:39

alan sings the theme song of Red Cliff Part II, following Part I (in Japanese):

< The director John Woo's comment >
alan's singing voice is very beautiful, graceful, and carries straight to human's whole 
In Part I, she moved audience by skillfully expressing the unconquerable spirits and 
emotion of the heroes.
In Part II, we want to express romantic feelings of the characters,
so I offered her to continue the songs because I thought only her singing voice could 
express the feeling.

Satoshi DATE: 11 Dec.(Th) 09:09:40

Marty Friedman has a very high opinion of a Tibetan-Chinese singer, alan (in Japanese):

He says he was moved as much as he had goose flesh when he listened to the theme song 
of Red Cliff Part I, and What he found her was his deepest emotion of this year.

Finding alan was my deepest emotion of this year, too.  Her voice is warm and dramatic 
with full of great feeling.  And she has mastered a technique of high-note fake (Tibetan 
yell) at her early age of twenty one.  And that's not all.  She's beautiful, 
cheerful by nature and has a quick mind and response.

I believe alan is one of the artists Heaven selects for sending to the earth once in 
ten years.

Satoshi DATE: 10 Dec.(Wed) 20:22:26

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea is to be premiered in South Korea this month and MIYAZAKI 
Hayao has got preparing his next feature film.

The news was reported in a radio program "Ghibli Asemamire" (Ghibli in All Sweat) aired 
on December 7th.

The theme song of "Ponyo" in Korean language is to be released, according to the film 
premiere.  FujiokaFujimaki and O^HASHI Nozomi, the singing unit of the Japanese version 
sings the song in Korean.  The song is aired in the program, too.

MIYAZAKI Hayao was shocked when he knew the number of the viewers of "Ponyo" was only 
86% of that of Howl's Moving Castle, his previous feature film.  He said to Suzuki, 
"Now we must make another one", and he has been talking about planning of the next movie 
every day.  He also says the story will be about a boy.

Satoshi DATE: 14 Oct.(Tue) 22:01:35

Hi, Ben.  Long time no see!  I'm glad you seem enjoying your college life.

The Sky Crawlers is a story of fighter pilots in an alternate history.  In that world, 
real wars have been extinct and battles as a show are fought commercially between war 
contractors.  The battles are a show but actual.  Airplanes are actually shot down and 
the pilots are killed.  The heroes of the story are hired by one of the contractors as 
fighter pilots and called "kildren".  They are specialized for air battles, don't grow 
up more than the age of high teen and live eternally until shot down in the sky.

It's a really painful story, but at the same time the characters are attractive and 
the story line is suspenseful.  And the scenes of air battles are very exciting, too!  
I hope you have a chance to watch it.

Ben DATE: 9 Oct.(Th) 05:25:01

Hows it going everyone, i have been abit busy recently moving to university.  Not had much time for movies.  
Satoshi, i havent seen the sky crawlers, what is it about? Hope you are well.  Sometimes i like to watch the
ghibli films that are just about normal things in life like whisper of the heart.  Hi Kristina, im not quite sure
what anyone discusses here either ^^  If anyone wants to email me for a chat about ghibli or anything then that
would be nice.

Kristina DATE: 2 Oct.(Th) 22:46:07

Hello everyone! Im new here so I dont know so well what u guys discuss here ^^
However, I noticed some of u mentioned Czechia, which caught my attention, 
since I study japanese in Brno so I just thought I'd join ur discussion

Monse DATE: 17 Sep.(Wed) 12:21:19

Hello!I am a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki, and I am very happy I found this place.
I am from MEXICO! :)
Maybe any of you can help me? I love Spirited Away,since it is my favorite movie ever.. and
I have been looking for many kind of fanart for the film.

I found some beautiful art here, thank you for sharing.
Also,I heard there was Nigi, an artist that made a lot of Spirited Away art but that 
removed their site.

Do you know where I can find that beautiful art in the internet?

Satoshi DATE: 4 Sep.(Th) 12:12:07

Hi, Ben, I'm delighted you joined us.  In Japan, we've had rainy days these weeks as 
if the season has already turned to autumn.  So I felt blue these days but now I'm fine.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is the most favorite movie in my life!  At the moment 
I saw the movie at a theater in Tokyo, I fell in love with it and the director.  Since 
then I've watched all of Miyazaki's feature films on the premiere day.

Of course, I watched Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea on July 19 and I'm going to see it at 
least two more times.  Although the movie I'm most absorbed in now is The Sky 

Ben DATE: 29 Aug.(Fri) 17:59:43

Hi Satoshi, yeah the film is great! I was watching it in english subtitles.  I have some others i need to watch as well in a box set i bought.
Im not sure how i came across this bulletin board but i thought i would post a comment and see if anyone replied!
Sometimes there are Studio Ghibli films on television here in England on the film channel, i watched Nausica of the Valley of the Wind just the other day.
How is life in Chiba Prefecture? I would like to travel to Japan one day.

Satoshi DATE: 27 Aug.(Wed) 09:15:29

Hello, Ben, welcome to the bulletin board!

I live in Chiba Prefecture, Japan and I'm a big fan of MIYAZAKI Hayao.

I love Whisper of the Heart, too!  The film is very popular in Japan and aired on TV in 
the prime time once in about three years.  Although I have the DVD, I watch the program 
every time!

Satoshi DATE: 26 Aug.(Tue) 20:12:16

SUZUKI Toshio reached the age of sixty on Aug. 18th and his birthday was celebrated 
with a gorgeous surprise party.
MIYAZAKI Hayao told him he wanted to make another feature film.

That news was reported in a radio program "Ghibli Asemamire" (Ghibli in All Sweat) 
aired on Aug. 24th.

The age of sixty is very special in Japan because it means "the second birth" in East 
Asian sexagenary cycle.

58 people teamed up to set up the surprise party. While a few of them was keeping him 
away with a fake small birthday party, the others prepared the surprise in a first-class 
Japanese restaurant.

A singing unit FujiokaFujimaki, who sings the theme song of Ponyo on the Cliff by the 
Sea, sang a parody of YOSHIDA Takuro^'s "Seishun no Uta" (A Song for Youth) and his 
self-parody of it "Ro^jin no Uta" (A Song for the Aged) for Suzuki.

At the party, Suzuki announced that MIYAZAKI Hayao said he had decided to die at the 
age of 72.

Miyazaki is 67 years old now. In detail, he said to Suzuki:-

"I've decided, Suzuki-san. I've decided to die at the age of 72. That means I can live 
five years more, and we have chances to make only one film."

Ben DATE: 16 Aug.(Sat) 04:30:42

Hello, i have just been watching whisper of the heart and found this website.
How is everyone? I used to learn some japanese, id like to continue learning sometime.
Im from England.

Jan DATE: 28 Jul.(Mon) 16:10:06

There is a lot going on with the history books in Japan. I am Australia but come from a korean
background. I think Japan has a lovely culture. I went and brought kimono and I like sewing.
I cross-stitched a geisha, but my aunt who came from South on a visit was very shocked.
She said that in Korea people get angry because japanese supporters do it.
Japanese supporters (whose decendants are the same) were very cruel to Korea, lots of killing
unfair trials etc. Korea is very upset about the killings of its royal family too, last
prince of korea was forcefully taken away from his mother at 4 given a japanese education
and married to japanese woman...
Japan banned the korean language and give everyone in korea japanese names.
Took land from people without buying.
Horsemen with chain swords killed even young children on street for shouting 'long live our nation'
My grandmother's cousin (highly educated) was forced to go into the japanese army, they did killing practice
where they would experiment the fastest way to kill a person with a sword, the victims
were chinese men, children and pregnant women...when my grandmother's cousin was first 
told to kill a man, he could not do it...they beat him up and starved him until almost dead
..he was told to do it again, he couldn't so he would just stab legs and hands..which was more
painful, they chinese man pledded to just kill him....
The other thing Japanese soldiers was take girls young as 12 to use as sex slaves...

I asked my chinese friends what they thought about japan...their senario is worse..
read the book 'The rape of Naking' in english...sorry do not know the author....
there is a lot of brutal acts by japanese soldiers, stripping women naked and mass raping
then killing them, so many dead bodies it piles to a large hill, I saw this in a photo in
that book...it was so sad.

Both China and Korea is angry as Japan is changing 'truth' of history,
what is taught in these countries is the horrible things japan did.

When my grandfather came to Australia's war memorial most of the names of the people
who died, I thought they were japanese, but he told me you know people by their
surnames....most were korean, he knew as my great-grandfather went to Tokyo University
and had lots of japanese friends...

As a whole I think all 3 nations need to go forward, fix wrong things and join together
as friends

In Australia, I was taught nothing...its only when I took interest and began research
looking at both Japan, Korea, and china history books I began to understand.

Japan is working hard so that nothing negative is given to the new generation.
I can understand that too, but I wish that things will mend with all these countries
and have peace...

  DATE: 27 Jul.(Sun) 01:30:24

you don't have to worry about that, Sakura.
I think Japan is a good country 'coz I think they paid enough price for that war.
yeah you should not forget about the war but you need to know you are not the one who caused it.
Some Japanese neighbors just take advantage of what they did during the war period for the politic things.
Don't be worried. Be confident.

縺輔¥繧 DATE: 26 Jul.(Sat) 17:51:53

I am sorry that I write in it suddenly. 
I am Japanese 9 years old Sakura. 
Please teach it if good. 

Is Japan a bad country? 
When Japan was the country which did a bad thing, I learned it. 
News always apologizes to the foreign country with saying. 
Korean people were angry very much. 
Though I studied at school, I have gradually lost it what was right. The true history wants to know it. 
Please teach it. 
I wanted to hear the story of people in the world and I did my best and made it English. 
Thanking you in advance.

Satoshi DATE: 14 Jul.(Mon) 12:39:20

The radio program "Ghibli Asemamire" announced three important news in the air of July 13.

First. MIYAZAKI Hayao will give you his messages about "Ponyo" by podcast on coming 
Thursday, July 17 at here:

Second. A long interview with MIYAZAKI Hayao will air in next "Asemamire" on July 20. 
The program will broadcast for one hour.

Third. "Exhibition of Studio Ghibli Layout Designs" is to open at Museum of Contemporary 
Art Tokyo from July 26 to September 28:

Satoshi DATE: 7 Jul.(Mon) 09:02:10

Hi, Taishi, welcome to the bulletin board!

Please, stay as long as you hope.

Taishi DATE: 6 Jul.(Sun) 11:12:12

My name is Taishi.
International school student.

BRENDA DATE: 23 Jun.(Mon) 21:50:03

please give me samples of bulletin board for english.thanks

Satoshi DATE: 19 Jun.(Th) 12:23:34

The Studio Ghibli official site has announced that "special information" about Ponyo 
on the Cliff by the Sea will be released today (in Japanese):

The time is 7:00 p.m. of today in Japan Standard Time.
Why don't you watch the site?

Satoshi DATE: 12 Jun.(Th) 08:49:56

Hello, Namae. Oh.., do you really think so?

I believed there are no young women who don't care freckles on their face (^_^

At least, Yu^ko is the type of a girl who cares very much in Whisper of the Heart.  
So she complained when Shizuku came late and made her waiting under the sun for a long time.

nihon DATE: 12 Jun.(Th) 01:31:37

hi everybody

Namae DATE: 10 Jun.(Tue) 09:22:33

Is there any significance for Yuuko's freckles?  I don't get why she's aggrivated about them.

Roxy Hanlon DATE: 6 Jun.(Fri) 17:33:08

Would it be possible if i could get the studio ghibli collection on single disc all 14 movies in all english language.

Satoshi DATE: 3 Jun.(Tue) 09:07:52

All animation process of Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea has been COMPLETED.

Ghibli diary reported that in the item on May 26 (in Japanese):

The completed process includes the end roll, so remaining works for the film are only 
making the sound track.

Satoshi DATE: 2 Jun.(Mon) 08:29:57

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is to be aired in Japan on coming Friday (in Japanese):

Date & time:  June 6th, 9:03 - 11:24 p.m.
Channel:  The NTV network
Format:  Uncut HD size

dzparker DATE: 31 May (Sat) 21:15:20

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Would you like to also earn some lunch money?

Would you be interested in attending, for FREE, an International Conference on
Plasma Science?

You could, by contacting me immediately.

I am looking for a person to place a poster presentation at ICOPS 2008, registration
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For placing p several osters at a designated place and time on the 16th of June and being
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http://www.ICOPS2008.org and contact me before the June 3rd and you're in the door with
a simple chore.    dzparker fieldmod@@dahlendesigns.com

Satoshi DATE: 30 May (Fri) 08:49:41

Nausicaa.net, which has been the most important information window of Studio Ghibli 
for the English society, has shifted to GhibliWiki.  This is the latest news page:

Jasmine Berline DATE: 26 May (Mon) 19:26:08

Could you please send me some examples of bulletin board design (pictures) for grade three english. It would be a great help for me. Thank you and more power!

Satoshi DATE: 15 May (Th) 21:15:52

A large number of people have been killed by a cyclone and an earthquake in Myanmar 
and China.

May the passed souls rest in peace and may everybody's god keep watching on the victims.

Millions of people are struggling to survive in Myanmar and China now.  Why don't you 
do what you can do for them now?  Your help may save a life of the inhabitants of our 

This is the site of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies:

yuko aussie girlfriend DATE: 11 May (Sun) 17:25:35

Hi I just bump here.
My name is yuko abe. 
I got aussie girlfriend last wk.
I`m glad about common name for yuko abe.

thats it thanx ah--     .

RACHEL DATE: 29 Apr.(Tue) 02:39:46




Satoshi DATE: 17 Apr.(Th) 09:01:13

Our "Ponyo" top page has been renewed (in Japanese and English):

Satoshi DATE: 14 Apr.(Mon) 12:24:41

A new poster for Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea has been revealed (in Japanese):

And the first trailer is to be released at theaters in Japan on coming weekend.

The long awaited season has started at last!!

coolcaptain DATE: 29 Mar.(Sat) 23:51:46

It is HP of my illustration Thank you

Satoshi DATE: 26 Mar.(Wed) 22:48:27

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008 is to be open from Thursday, March 27 to Sunday 
(in English):

Thursday and Friday are Business Days only for business-related people and Saturday 
and Sunday are Public Days open for the general public.

Place:  Tokyo Big Sight.  The access map
Open 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Admission fee:-
    Adults:  \1,000-
    Junior and senior high school students:  \500-
    Primary school students or children under school age or people of 65 and over:  free

Studio Ghibli and The Ghibli Museum are going to have the booth (in Japanese):

The Totoro balloon will be the guide for the booth as in other years.

Satoshi DATE: 10 Mar.(Mon) 10:41:14

I'm sorry.  I made a mistake on the previous post.
The Ghibli official site is written in Japanese as usual.

Satoshi DATE: 10 Mar.(Mon) 09:09:54

The first leaflet for "Ponyo" movie has appeared at theaters as the Ghibli official 
site has announced (in English):

I got one yesterday (Bravo!)

The face of the leaflet features the familiar picture of "The Ponyo in a green 
bucket", the only picture officially disclosed.

On the back, three items are printed.  First is an article written by MIYAZAKI Hayao.  
It starts with this paragraph:-

"This is a story where Ponyo, a fish living in a sea, has all her own way to live 
with So^suke, a human boy.  And at the same time, a story where So^suke, a five year 
old boy, keeps his promise in all his way".

Second is a distant view of the scene of the story.  It shows the sea, the house on 
a cliff where So^suke and his family live, and the nearest town.

Third is the score and the words of the theme song.

But the most joyful news for English users like us must be the official international 
English title is first announced by the film makers.  In English sites, the title 
"Ponyo on a Cliff" has been used temporarily.  I have recommended "Ponyo on the Cliff 
Top".  The string added to the Japanese title is however:-

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

Hui jing DATE: 25 Feb.(Mon) 16:44:21

ohh .
okays .
icic .
Looking forward to it (:

Satoshi DATE: 19 Feb.(Tue) 09:05:51

It seems very fine and hot in Singapore.  I envy you, Hui Jing (^^

Ponyo on a Cliff is a story of a fish girl who wants to become a human and a human boy 
of five years old.
It's said the touch of the pictures is completely different from Miyazaki's former works.

Hui jing DATE: 16 Feb.(Sat) 22:02:18

Yea . I'm in the third year now,

Hmm .
Weather in singapore is fine .
Its not cold . 

Hmm .
Ponyo on a Cliff, was is it about ?

Satoshi DATE: 15 Feb.(Fri) 21:32:50

Hello, Hui Jing!  Long time no see!!

Of course, I remember you very much!  I believe you're in the third year of a secondary 
school now.

How's the weather these days in Singapore?

In Japan, it's in the depth of winter now, and we've had coldest days this week.
Because I go to work by bicycle, it's cold enough even though I wear a heavy overcoat 
and a heavy scarf and thick gloves.

Studio Ghibli's and Director Miyazaki's new film "Ponyo on a Cliff" is to be released 
in summer!
I can't wait until the day (^^;

Hui Jing DATE: 13 Feb.(Wed) 21:25:36

Looking bak at wad i talked about last tym was so funny .
Few years since i last posted here .
Wondering whether you still remember me .
Lol .
I dun see any ghibli's films nowadays .
Except earth sea.
Well, Are there any films they're currently making right now?

Satoshi DATE: 6 Feb.(Wed) 20:37:48

Feature programs on Studio Ghibli will air on TV on weekends (in Japanese):

Date: Sunday, Feb. 10
Time: 15:00 - 16:25
Network:  NTV
Program: "The Legendary Programs of The NTV Picture Kingdom in 55 Years and The 
Grand Release Special of Mega-Rare Pictures"

The featured section is the audience rating of the Ghibli films in history which 
were aired in a program "The Friday Road Show" (about five minutes).

Date:  Monday, Feb. 11
Time:  11:55 - 13:55
Network:  NTV
Program:  "Omoikkiri Ii!! Terebi" (literally, "The Best of Bests!! the Program")

Studio Ghibli from the foundation until today will be reported in a section "Kyo^ wa 
Nanno Hi" (literally, "What day is it?"

Satoshi DATE: 4 Feb.(Mon) 18:42:41

It was aired in a radio program on February 3 about the part of the press conference 
on the replacement of the Studio Ghibli president.

The following is the official web site of the radio program "SUZUKI Toshio no Ghibli 
Asemamire" (literally "SUZUKI Toshio's Ghibli in All Sweat") of Tokyo FM station (in 

In the press conference, the new president told about one of the reason why he moved 
from the Walt Disney Company to Studio Ghibli that Walt Disney had passed away while 
MIYAZAKI Hayao, TAKAHATA Isao and SUZUKI Toshio were still alive.  He said it was very 
exciting that he could work with such the living legends.

Satoshi DATE: 4 Feb.(Mon) 08:55:26

This is a detailed news article on the replacement of the Studio Ghibli president:

Satoshi DATE: 1 Feb.(Fri) 19:23:55

This is another news article of the replacement of the president of Studio Ghibli 
(in Japanese):

In the photo, Suzuki is left and Hoshino right.

Suzuki has been the president since Studio Ghibli separated from its parent company 
in 2005, but he says he has been thinking it is impossible that one person is 
responsible for production of films and management of a company at the same time.

So he decided to make himself concentrate on production by handing over the management 
of the company to Hoshino who has been his long-time collaborator.

Satoshi DATE: 1 Feb.(Fri) 18:41:06

The official site of Studio Ghibli has announced the replace of the president (in Japanese):

The name of the new president is HOSHINO Ko^ji.  He was born in Sapporo, Japan in 1956, 
and successively held the president (2000 - 2007) and the chairperson (2007 - 2008) of 
The Walt Disney Company Japan.

SUZUKI Toshio's new post is "The representative director and the producer".

Satoshi DATE: 1 Feb.(Fri) 12:30:26

SUZUKI Toshio resigned from the president of Studio Ghibli today, February 1, JST 
(in Japanese):

He is going to concentrate on the works of a producer.

Satoshi DATE: 1 Feb.(Fri) 08:41:45

Whisper of the Heart is to air on the NTV network in Japan at 21:03 - 23:19 on Friday, 
February 22 (in Japanese):

The program title is "Kin'yo^ Ro^dosho^" (literally "Friday's Road Show").  An uncut 
version will be televised.  The broadcast format will be up-converted HDTV, so a digital 
terrestrial television set can receive and show it in full size.

Satoshi DATE: 29 Jan.(Tue) 18:11:43

Panda!, Go, Panda!, early works of TAKAHATA Isao and MIYAZAKI Hayao are to show again 
in theaters (in Japanese):

"Panda!, Go, Panda!" (1972) and its sequel "Panda!, Go, Panda!: The Rainy-Day Circus" 
(1973) are of the original story, screenplay and layout by Miyazaki, and directed by 
Takahata.  They are a heart-warming comedy series.  Both are scheduled to start showing 
in Cinema ANGELICA at Shibuya, Tokyo on March 15 and other theaters in Japan.

Satoshi DATE: 16 Jan.(Wed) 12:27:08

The story board of Ponyo on A Cliff is completed!!

Director Miyazaki temporarily finished the story board on Monday, Jan. 7, and made 
minor revision on it by Friday, Jan. 11, and THE STORY BOARD OF PONYO ON A CLIFF 

The film has totally 1138 cuts, and the story board is made of five parts -- A, B, 
C, D and Epilogue.

Satoshi DATE: 7 Dec.(Fri) 09:02:12

The official site of "Ponyo on a Cliff" opened on Dec. 5.

Unfortunately, it does not have an English page at present.

Satoshi DATE: 2 Nov.(Fri) 08:57:55

ERIKA's new single Destination Nowhere is to be released on Nov. 28 and her website 
has been renewed (in Japanese):

The contents of the single CD are:-

    1. Destination Nowhere
    2. ESCAPE
    3. FREE-overrocket101007mix-
    4. Destination Nowhere-instrumental-

Satoshi DATE: 24 Oct.(Wed) 22:14:48

The title of the radio program featuring a film producer and the president of Studio 
Ghibli, SUZUKI Toshio has been decided "SUZUKI Toshio no Ghibli Asemamire" (literally 
"SUZUKI Toshio's Ghibli in All Sweat") and Episode 3 was aired last Sunday (in Japanese):

The program is broadcast at 11:00 - 11:30 p.m. on every Sunday from Tokyo FM and the 
networked local FM stations.

The guest of Episode 3 was a film director YUKISADA Isao.  As he and Suzuki love 
Japanese old movies, they had lively talks about the topic.  And they talked a little 
about the Sawajiri matter, too.

About the matter SAWAJIRI Erika showed bad moods during the stage appearance at the 
premiere of Closed Note, which stars her and Yukisada directs, he said he wanted the 
media to report more about the contents of the film.  But he expected the media 
bashing became a chance for audience to be interested in the film, too, because he 
believed the audience would be satisfied if they watch it.

Satoshi DATE: 12 Oct.(Fri) 20:29:48

A radio program hosted by SUZUKI Toshio started on Sunday, October 7:

It is announced the program will preview the theme song for Ponyo on a Cliff on October 14.

Satoshi DATE: 12 Oct.(Fri) 20:03:02

Same as the last week, "Closed Note", a movie featuring SAWAJIRI Erika ranked second, 
next to the blockbuster "HERO":

Media have given her hard bashing after she showed bad moods during the stage 
appearance on the premiere of November 29, but that seems to have not influenced on 
the figure.

The movie is a love story with unexpected twists at the end.  I hope you enjoy it 
when it is shown in your town.

Satoshi DATE: 8 Oct.(Mon) 19:51:46

The theme song of Ponyo on a Cliff of MIYAZAKI Hayao is to be released on December 5 
of this year, and the first trailer of the film will be on theaters by May of the next 
year at the latest (in Japanese):

The title of the theme song is not known yet.  The lyrics is written by KONDO^ Katsuya, 
the animation director of "Ponyo" and the composer is HISAISHI Joe, our very familiar 
name.  The singers are three people -- two 55-year-old men and an eight-year-old girl.  
They are going to make up a special unit for the song but the name is not known yet, 

The contents of the theme song is a girl who is singing in a bath and the father who 
is helping her.  Producer Suzuki says it is a nice song like the theme song of 
My Neighbor Totoro.

ken japan DATE: 2 Oct.(Tue) 00:16:26

I came from Japan. 
It is exchange of the Pokemon recruitment. 


Red muffler DVD distribution MANAPHY Mo. 

It is Japanese movie Darcrai that I put out. 

Satoshi DATE: 29 Aug.(Wed) 20:42:19

SAWAJIRI Erika is to appear on TV variety shows, a TV information magazine "The 
Television" reported.

The programs are "SMAPxSMAP" at 10:00 p.m. on Monday, September 10 and "Mentore G" at 
9:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 16.  Both are aired from Fuji Television.

"SMAPxSMAP" is hosted by SMAP, a super popular pop group, and "Mentore G" (literally 
"Mental Training G") is hosted by TOKIO, another popular pop group.

Her appearance on TV must be promotion of the upcoming movie "Closed Note".

Satoshi DATE: 24 Aug.(Fri) 12:28:09

 A new TV Commercial featuring SAWAJIRI Erika has been released on the Net:
(In Japanese.  And CAUTION!  The page starts up sound automatically)

To stop the sound, click the text under the video thumbnail at the bottom right of 
the window and you'll go to the video portal page without sound.  The page has portals 
to "CM movie" (The commercial) and "CM making" (The making film of the commercial).  
The "CM movie" contains 15-second and 30-second versions.

This commercial is made for new cookies, "fran aromatier" of Meiji Seika.  The song 
is "fake star" sung by HIRAI Ken.

Satoshi DATE: 23 Aug.(Th) 13:30:46

I found four magazines with the cover of a picture of SAWAJIRI Erika at a convenience 
store this morning, and I made impulse buying of all of them (^^;

The reason why she appears on the magazines at once must be the promotion of her new 
photo collection "ERIKA 2007".

"Closed Note", the new movie starring her is coming next month, too, and her website 
announces she's going to appear on other 16 magazines.

Satoshi DATE: 8 Aug.(Wed) 20:26:08

A famous ninja comics is to be made into a movie starring MATSUYAMA Ken'ichi (in 

The comics is a set of serial short stories titled "Kamui Gaiden" (literally "The 
Separate Legend of Kamui") authored by SHIRATO Sampei, one of greatest masters in Japan 
(in Japanese and English):

A boy with genius physical ability, "Kamui" became a ninja to come through the 
miserable circumstances of his family.  But the ninja society was too cruel for the 
people who want to be proud to live.  He became a runaway and now is chased by one 
assassin after another from the ninja society and must fight for his life against 
them.  His arts and tricks are getting far more skillful because of attachment to life.

The film is directed by SAI Yo^ichi and the screenplay is written by KUDO^ Kankuro^.  
The movie is to be filmed from November to February of '08 and premiered in 2009.

KUDO^ "Kudokan" Kankuro^ is a very popular scenario writer and known as his original 
slapstick style but this time he's "puzzled and enjoying to use a straightforward 
style which my carrier has almost never seen".

Satoshi DATE: 2 Aug.(Th) 12:15:50

A Selection of HAGIO Moto, an acclaimed Japanese comic artist has been started 
publishing since last month.

The first and second volume contain her early masterpiece "To^ma no Shinzo^" 
(literally "The Heart of Thoma") and are now on the market.  The following is the 
first volume (in Japanese and English):

The story is located at a boys' boarding school "Schlotter-Betz Gymnasium" in a small 
town "Nordbaden" of Germany.  The town lies on the shore of the Rhine.  There are 
Heidelberg on the lower reaches and Karlsruhe on the upper.

A death of a boy brings about confusion to the other boys of 13 to 15 years at the 
school and that makes their worries, hardships, wishes, despair, friendship and love 
come to light.

The author is influenced by Hermann HESSE.  This work is what she has recreated 
Hesse's literary world with her own mind and phrases of girls' comics (sho^jo manga).

Satoshi DATE: 30 Jul.(Mon) 08:45:03

The "Tales from Earthsea" official UK site has been open (in English, of course!)

The theatrical release date is announced to be August 3.

Satoshi DATE: 23 Jul.(Mon) 12:42:23

The official site of the next film starring SAWAJIRI Erika "Closed Note" has been open 
(in Japanese):

"Closed Note" means "The Closed Notebook" in Japanese dialect.

This page has the link to the trailer page, but CAUTION!  The page automatically begins 
the trailer with sound.

Satoshi DATE: 23 Jul.(Mon) 12:13:45

Iraq 2 - Vietnam 0

What a pity!  But I expect the next chance!

Satoshi DATE: 17 Jul.(Tue) 08:54:23

Good morning, Vietnam!

Congratulations on your reaching the quarter-finals!

You made a nice fight last night.  I really wanted your advancing even while the game 
was going, so I'm very happy now.

Let's meet again in Jakarta on the last day!

Satoshi DATE: 14 Jul.(Sat) 08:21:03

A rerun of the TV drama "One Liter of Tears" is to be broadcast in Japan from next 
Tuesday, July 17.

The schedule message on the SAWAJIRI Erika's official site (in Japanese) announces.  
The airing area will include Tokyo and the suburbs.

Satoshi DATE: 11 Jul.(Wed) 19:32:04

It is announced that Tales from Earthsea is to be the top in the July 16 issue of the 
Oricon weekly DVD chart (in Japanese):

Satoshi DATE: 11 Jul.(Wed) 19:01:20

It is announced that ERIKA's "FREE" is to be the top in the July 16 issue of the Oricon 
weekly single chart (in Japanese):

And this is the portal page to the official sites of SAWAJIRI Erika and ERIKA (in Japanese):

Satoshi DATE: 10 Jul.(Tue) 17:32:41

Hello, berry!  Welcome to this bulletin board!

The region 2 version of "Gedo Senki" or "Tales from Earthsea" has already released in 
Japan, but the release schedules in overseas have not been officially announced.  So you 
must wait a bit longer.

Tales from Earthsea is worth the extra waiting because the film is so popular that it 
ranked third at the boxoffice of the films released in Japan in 2006.  Although an old 
Miyazaki Sr. fan like me may feel the film lacks something.

berry DATE: 6 Jul.(Fri) 13:40:39

Do you know when "Gedo Senki" will be available on DVD?
I know it's not going to come out for a while...
I heard it's awesome, and I hope I get to see it soon!!


Satoshi DATE: 5 Jul.(Th) 12:57:10

Tales From Earthsea got the top in the daily DVD ranking (in Japanese):

Satoshi DATE: 4 Jul.(Wed) 20:19:34

ERIKA's "FREE" got the top in the daily single ranking (in Japanese):

Satoshi DATE: 3 Jul.(Tue) 09:12:54

You can listen to ERIKA's debut single "FREE" with the video clip for free until noon of 
July 4, JST.

Check the web page of Sony Music Online Japan (in Japanese and CAUTION!  It starts with 
loud music.)

Satoshi DATE: 30 Jun.(Sat) 17:26:09

SAWAJIRI Erika's new photo collection "ERIKA 2007" is to be published on August 29 
(in Japanese):

The photography is located in Paris, Mont Saint-Michel, Nice and Milan.  Erika produces 
the book for design, location and costume selection.  You can get a limited edition with 
an appended DVD containing the making and others if you order it in advance by August 12.

This is the amazon page for the book (partly in Japanese):

It's said this photo collection contains some sexy shots, but probably it's a "mild" 
one and she doesn't wear a bathing suit because the time is March.  This may be a book 
taken by more women than men.  I'm a man and have already ordered it, by the way (^^

If you want "wild" photos of her, I recommend this book.  This photo collection prints 
Erika of 17 years and contains a lot of bathing suits.

Satoshi DATE: 29 Jun.(Fri) 08:56:44

ERIKA, a new artist who resembles SAWAJIRI Erika and whose detailed identity has not 
been public, is to appear on MTV Japan on July 4.  SAWAJIRI Erika is to interview 
ERIKA in a program.  It'll be the first time ERIKA appears on media.

This is the official photo report of the program in the making (in Japanese):

The program's title is literally "SAWAJIRI Erika Introducing ERIKA -- A Rose and a 
Guitar --"  In the photos, SAWAJIRI Erika wears pink dress with hair tied at the back, 
having a rose in hand, and ERIKA wears a jacket and a hat with a plume on long hair, 
having a guitar.

They resemble each other as much as you can tell they are the same person (^^;

It is announced that the contents of the program will be published on the same page 
within July and August.

Satoshi DATE: 26 Jun.(Tue) 15:42:22

Hello, maxs.  Welcome to the bulletin board!

I'm pleased I find another person who's interested in SAWAJIRI Erika.  Of course, I'll 
post more and more news about her (^^

maxs DATE: 25 Jun.(Mon) 17:53:11

Hi Satoshi,
please post more news about Sawajiri Erika. thx.

Satoshi DATE: 23 Jun.(Sat) 16:11:13

To "test"

That's right.  This is a bulletin board for English language only.  Any messages written 
in other languages including Japanese would be removed without notice.

If you want to ask a question about this board in Japanese, please post it on this board.  
I watch the board almost everyday.

Your message on this board will be removed in ten days.

Satoshi DATE: 20 Jun.(Wed) 14:19:42

Kiki's Delivery Service is to air in Japan on Friday, July 13 (in Japanese):

Further details are:

    Time & Channel:  9:03 - 11:04 p.m.,  NTV
    Program:  Kin'yo^ Ro^dosho^ (The Friday Road Show)
    English dub & sub:  unknown yet but possible
    Others:  HD up-converted uncut version

Satoshi DATE: 15 Jun.(Fri) 18:51:32

[REAL ERIKA on June 8]

This week's topic is "The summit meeting"

NAGASAWA Masami, a very popular young actress is on the program as the guest for this week.

Erika and she have met several times before at an award ceremony or something like that, 
but only had brief talks after saying hello.  So this is the first time they have a real 
conversation although they are recognized as the top two of the most promising actresses 
by Japanese audience and media.

The conversation starts with giving presents.

Erika:  "Surprise!"
Masami:  "Huh?"
Erika:  "Happy Birthday!"
Masami:  "Wow! Really?  You know that!"

The recording was done just after Masami's 20th birthday.  The presents are a set of 
candles and a DVD of "Almost Famous."  Erika wants Masami become a Led Zeppelin fan like 
herself after seeing the DVD.  Masami is pleased for the gifts.

Masami:  "You're like my sister.  Thank you, sis."

Masami was given a surprise party, too, by the cast and crew of the now shooting TV drama 
after the recording of the day was over in the morning of her birthday.  She was very 
pleased and thanked the cast and crew.  And another surprise waited her in the party.

Masami:  "I thought that birthday was different from the previous ones because I was 
given a lot of bottles of liquor."
Erika:  "Me, too!  At my 20th birthday, I got a stock of bottles of liquor"
Masami:  "Yes, liquor, liquor, liquor, liquor..."
Erika:  "Like champagne."
Masami:  "I felt like I was going to do something guilty for the first time, but I became 
happy when I thought I could drink from then."

So, their talks continue.

And a tune is played:-
"Futarigoto" (literally "Talking to myself and you") by RADWIMPS

- When Masami is in a shooting, she listens to one kind of music related to the work's 
theme.  Erika listens to music and watches movies a lot but she choices ones not related 
to the work as much as possible.

- They both have wanted to co-star for a long time, and they want to do it now and in 
the future when they are in 30's or 40's.

- Masami likes her job as an actress because the people concerned with acting have a mind 
of a child.  She thinks that's very lucky because only few people can have such a chance 
to be an adult with children's mind.

- Masami spends her free time in going shopping to Shibuya, Daikan'yama, Harajuku, 
Aoyama, and others.

- Erika likes travel abroad because you are an ordinary person in a foreign land.  She 
thinks traveling is a chance to come into contact with others as human beings, and that 
is an investment in yourself to improve your inner self.  And so, she recommends Masami 
to travel abroad alone

Another tune is played here:-
"Prism" by SHIBASAKI Ko^

At the end of the program, Erika asks Masami to think what she recommends for a prize, 
because Erika is going to attend a party to celebrate the completion of filming and she 
must offer a prize for the party.  Masami recommends a home projector, and Erika answers 
she will select among electrical goods.

Satoshi DATE: 8 Jun.(Fri) 18:47:53

A new singer who closely resembles SAWAJIRI Erika is to debut in the main stream on 
July 4.  Her name is ERIKA, too.  This is her website (in Japanese):

[ERIKA's profile]
Birthday:  April 8, 1986;  Age 21
Birthplace:  A suburb of Paris, France
Influenced musicians:  Led Zeppelin
To debut on July 4, 2007 with a CD single "FREE"

She plays her own signature model of Telecaster.

[The contents of the CD "FREE"]
1. FREE    A tough and wild rock tune with impressive guitar sounds
2. FANTASY    A world of sentimental lyrics based on pop dance sounds
3. Time to go home    A quick and heavy rock tune
4. FREE -instrumental-

Do you want to say ERIKA doesn't resemble SAWAJIRI Erika but they are the same person?  
Oh, stop being inelegant (^^

Satoshi DATE: 7 Jun.(Th) 12:15:09

The radio station officially announces NAGASAWA Masami is to be on REAL ERIKA (in Japanese):

People concerned say it was the first time they were cast in a same program of any media 
and they had friendly talks about many topics including their private matters.  As they 
enjoyed the talk, the recording time took twice of the scheduled but it is to be aired 
within one week.

Satoshi DATE: 5 Jun.(Tue) 12:34:59

NAGASAWA Masami will be probably on SAWAJIRI Erika's radio program this week.

Erika said at the end of last week's REAL ERIKA:-

"I'll announce about the next week here.  Tilted 'The first summit meeting in 
history', I, SAWAJIRI Erika, the president of the SAWAJIRI Society is to invite 
the president of THAT society to the meeting unparalleled in history.  Ladies and 
Gentlemen, it's a must.  Be sure not to miss, please."

This announce includes a joke on a net rumor.  The rumor says there are two huge 
groups organizing young actresses in Japan.  One is the Sawajiri Society led by 
SAWAJIRI Erika and the other is the Nagasawa Society led by NAGASAWA Masami.  The 
two groups are having heated struggles day after day to increase the power of each group.

Of course, it is just a rumor.  But it is true that NAGASAWA Masami and SAWAJIRI 
Erika are top two among Japanese young actresses with their brilliance, presence, 
popularity and media's attention.  If they really talk on a radio program, it's a 
must to listen for all movie and TV drama fans.

REAL ERIKA is aired by FMNACK5.  The airtime is 7:30 - 8:00 p.m. every Friday on 
79.5 MHz FM in Tokyo and the neighboring area.  Check it!

Satoshi DATE: 30 May (Wed) 12:20:28

A free Japanese paperback on the movie "Tales from Earthsea" is to be on stores for 
distribution on Wednesday, June 6 (in Japanese):

The title of the paperback is "Gedo o Yomu." (literally means "Reading Ged." and the 
English title is simply "Tales from Earthsea").  It is edited by Iwanami Shoten and 
Studio Ghibli for marketing of the DVD "Tales from Earthsea" scheduled to be released 
on July 4.  The contents include a talk of Director MIYAZAKI Goro^ and an article 
"My favorite fantasy novels" by MIYAZAKI Hayao.  1,100,000 copies are printed and 
handed on free at stores in all over Japan.

The distributing stores are in the map (in Japanese):

Satoshi DATE: 29 May (Tue) 17:53:06

Producer SUZUKI Toshio is to be on a TV program in Japan on Monday, June 4 (in Japanese):

The program is "Getsuyoru!" (literally means "Monday Night!") aired at 10:00 p.m. every 
Monday on the NTV channel.  A variety of aspects of Studio Ghibli are to be reported in 
the program.

Satoshi DATE: 28 May (Mon) 13:30:49

The airing schedule of Castle in the Sky has officially announced (in Japanese):

The details are:

    Date & Channel:  Friday, June 15, NTV, Japan
    Time:  9:03 - 11:34 p.m.
    Program:  Kin'yo^ Ro^dosho^ (The Friday Road Show)
    Up-converted HD uncut version

Satoshi DATE: 23 May (Wed) 08:47:27

Castle in the Sky is to air in Japan on Friday, June 15.  A weekly TV magazine reported.

Time & Channel:  9:03 - 11:34 p.m.,  NTV
Program:  Kin'yo^ Ro^dosho^ (The Friday Road Show)

Farther details will be reported here when they are announced.

Satoshi DATE: 15 May (Tue) 15:48:22

Howl's Moving Castle won Nebula Award in the "Best Script" category:

Nebula Award is an award for the best science fiction/fantasy published in the United 
States during the previous two years.  It ranks with Hugo Award as an award in 
science fiction/fantasy fields.  Winners of the Nebula Award for Best Novel include 
"The Gods Themselves" by Isaac ASIMOV and "Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea" by 
Ursula K. Le GUIN.

The Nebula Award for Best Script, which Howl's Moving Castle is to receive, has also 
awarded the movies, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "The Sixth Sense" and all 
the trilogy of "The Lord of the Rings."

Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away have been also nominated in the same category.

"Third time lucky" is a popular saying in Japan (^^

Satoshi DATE: 23 Apr.(Mon) 08:53:45

Porco Rosso is to air in Japan on Friday, May 25 (in Japanese):

The details are:

    Time & Channel:  9:03 - 10:54 p.m.,  NTV
    Program:  Kin'yo^ Ro^dosho^ (The Friday Road Show)
    English dub & sub:  unknown
    Others:  HD up-converted uncut version

Satoshi DATE: 10 Apr.(Tue) 18:48:41

Fantastic Plastic Machine is to be on the radio program REAL ERIKA as the guest on 
April 20.  The single member of the DJ unit, TANAKA Tomoyuki has announced on his 
blog (in Japanese and containing a two shot of Erika and him):

[The full text]
Title: DJ SAWAJIRI Erika!
April 4, 2007

March 22.
I'm on a radio program "REAL ERIKA" of FM station NACK5 from Saitama in which SAWAJIRI 
Erika-chan is the personality.  (It'll air at 19:30 - 20:00 on April 20)  And the 
location is YELLOW in Nishi-Azabu and the story is I teach DJ to Erika-chan.  Because 
she has sometimes come to my party since she became 20 years old, she seems interested 
in DJ in earnest and gives me various questions very eagerly.  I hope more and more 
DJ's like Erika-chan activates club scenes.  I seriously wish she would act as a DJ.

The guest of April 6 was SAKAZAKI Ko^nosuke of The Alfee.  He is to be on the program 
on April 13, too.

REAL ERIKA airs 7:30 - 8:00 p.m. every Friday.  I mistook the time at the last 
posting.  I am very sorry m(_ _)m

Satoshi DATE: 9 Apr.(Mon) 20:19:26

The details of DVD "Tales from Earthsea" has been announced (in Japanese):

This title has Standard Edition of 2 discs and Special Edition of 4 discs.  The 
release date is July 4, 2007.

[Standard Edition]
Price:   4,935 yen (including tax)
Catalogue #:    VWDZ8104
Format:    2 Discs, MPEG2/NTSC, Region 2
Audio:   Japanese (Dolby Digital 2.0 and Dolby Digital EX 6.1)
         English (Dolby Digital 2.0)
Subtitles:  Japanese and English
Bonus:   Storyboards, trailers, and an illustrated guide to "The Song of Therru"

[Special Edition]
Price:    7,875 yen (including tax)
Catalogue #:   VWDZ8106
Format:    4 Discs, MPEG2/NTSC, Region 2
Audio:  [Disc 1]  Japanese (Dolby Digital 2.0 and DTS-ES 6.1)
        [Disk 2]  English, French, Korean, Standard Chinese and Cantonese (Dolby Digital 2.0)
Subtitles:    [Disk 2]  English, French, Korean, Standard Chinese and Cantonese
Bonus:  [Disk 3]  Same as the Standard Edition
        [Disk 4]  An illustrated guide to the background music, special program 
                  "OKADA Jun'ichi Meets Tales from Earthsea", and recording scenes 
                  and interviews of the cast

Satoshi DATE: 6 Apr.(Fri) 20:30:18

SAWAJIRI Erika stars in a feature film scheduled to be premiered in September 
in Japan (in Japanese):

The film is a love story titled "Kuro^zudo No^to" (literally means "The Closed 
Notebook" and directed by YUKISADA Isao, who is known as the director of Crying 
Out Love, In the Center of the World.  The co-star is TAKEUCHI Yu^ko, who stars in 
a movie Be With You.  Those films are ranked second and third at the box office 
among Japanese films released in 2004 (The top one is Howl's Moving Castle, by the way).

The original story is written by SHIZUKUI Shu^suke.  First, it was a cellphone novel 
which recorded a million accesses, and later appeared in print.  This is the 
publisher's web page (in Japanese):

The heroine (Erika) is an ordinary college student.  Her daily life is going well in 
its own way but she feels something is missing.  One day she finds a notebook at a 
corner of the closet in her room.  The notebook is a diary which the ex-resident 
(TAKEUCHI Yu^ko) has written down distress and pleasure of her love.  A woman's 
ordinary daily life begins changing completely when a closed notebook is opened.

Satoshi DATE: 5 Apr.(Th) 19:09:32

The sequel of One Liter of Tears is to air tonight!

Peter DATE: 23 Mar.(Fri) 06:00:34

Hello Satoshi,

I was wondering if you could send me a short e-mail. It's just something I'd like to ask you, but I can't find your e-mail address, so if you send me message I can just reply to it. You can reach me at:
"info @ ghibliworld.com"

Looking forward to your reply!

Best regards,


P.S.: nice website! ^_^

Satoshi DATE: 22 Mar.(Th) 19:33:47

A popular Japanese actress and artist  SHIBASAKI Ko^ is scheduled to be on the radio 
program REAL ERIKA tomorrow evening as the guest, an entertainment information 
magazine reports.

Although SAWAJIRI Erika's career parallels Shibasaki's in some respects and someone 
calls Erika "the younger Shibasaki", they have not met yet, the magazine says.  
Tomorrow's REAL ERIKA is a must for SHIBASAKI Ko^'s fans, too.

REAL ERIKA airs at 7:00 - 7:30 p.m. on Fridays on the band of 79.5 MHz FM by NACK5 
and the networked stations.

Satoshi DATE: 22 Mar.(Th) 00:01:26

Our starter "Ponyo" page has been set up (in Japanese and English):

Click the "Bulletin Board for English" on the page if you like to try (^^

Satoshi DATE: 21 Mar.(Wed) 09:03:41

Nausicaa.net reports the TV program featuring MIYAZAKI Hayao with the portal to the 
official website and translation by T. Ishikawa:

The program is to air at 10:00 - 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 27 in NHK General channel.

Satoshi DATE: 20 Mar.(Tue) 15:57:01

The title of the next Miyazaki feature film is "Ponyo on the Cliff Top":

The announce is a week earlier than I expected (^^;

Any way, we have another happy and irritated period for looking forward to see 
Miyazaki's new creation until the summer of next year.  Let's take it easy and wait!

Satoshi DATE: 17 Mar.(Sat) 08:59:36

The trailer of the March 27 NHK program featuring MIYAZAKI Hayao has aired and 
Nausicaa.net reports the details:

According to the article, you can see some visuals for the next Miyazaki film.

And it may happen that the film's title is announced in the program.  Check it!

Satoshi DATE: 12 Mar.(Mon) 09:05:44

The official site of Studio Ghibli has reported that a TV program featuring MIYAZAKI 
Hayao is to air in Japan on Tuesday, March 27 (in Japanese):

The channel is NHK General.  The site is going to report the further details.

Satoshi DATE: 9 Mar.(Fri) 12:39:03

A sequel of One Liter of Tears is to be aired as a one-night drama in Japan at 9:00 
p.m. on April 5 (in Japanese):

The original drama stars SAWAJIRI Erika and boosted her one of the most popular 
actresses in Japan.

The article says the drama is especially very popular among teens and users mainly 
formed by teens still keep posting their messages on the official web site even after 
it was broadcast about one and half years ago.  And the article reports the site is 
ranked 29th among all web sites of the broadcast station in the latest weekly count 
from February 26 to March 4.

This is the official site of One Liter of Tears (in Japanese):

The plot of the sequel is set a half years later when the heroine Aya passed, and 
features her sister Ako (NARUMI Riko) and Aya's boyfriend Haruto (NISHIKIDO Ryo^).  
SAWAJIRI Erika is to appear as Aya in newly shot flashbacks, too.

Satoshi DATE: 6 Mar.(Tue) 17:35:55

I watched SHINKAI Makoto's latest feature film, 5 Centimeters Per Second last weekend.

The feature film is made of three serial shorts and the hero is a same person.  
The hero's age is different in each short, that is, a first year student of 
junior high, a third year student of high school, and a working adult, respectively.

Showing delicate distance between a boy and a girl, or a man and a woman, the film 
represents the irritating and painful relationships everyone must have experienced.  
Of course, the background art is very, very beautiful!  The super impressive light 
and shadows are nothing other than the Shinkai art.

I was so lucky that I could see the director SHINKAI Makoto on the stage.  Although 
it was Sunday and the second day of the release, for the packed audience, the 
theater formed a temporary stage appearance of the director, Tenmon for soundtrack, 
and NISHIMURA Takayo for character design and art director.

Director Shinkai said he had decided to make a collection of short films on daily 
life with a limited crew.  He finally picked up three plots for the films and found 
they were able to become a serial story.

The emcee announced seven of eight shows on the first day were sold out and four 
shows of the day had already been sold out.

Satoshi DATE: 5 Mar.(Mon) 18:22:18

Hi, Chihiro!  Have you already looked up this page?

Chihiro DATE: 5 Mar.(Mon) 01:22:09

hi everyone have any of u seen Haku around here

Satoshi DATE: 1 Mar.(Th) 18:55:35

[REAL ERIKA on February 23]

This week's topic is "Photograph II"

Mr. Herbie YAMAGUCHI, a photographer is on the program as the guest continued from 
last week.

Herbie-san (Erika calls him so) talks about a girl Sayo-chan in his memories.

One day, when he was around twenty, he was seeing two girls, a little younger than 
him, playing volleyball in a park.  The ball was passed and almost hit him.  One of 
the girls dashed to him with a really worried look.  He couldn't forget her eyes.  
Because he had been a bullied child, he had not seen such eyes worrying others from 
the bottom of the heart.  He thought he could take his imaginary pictures if he meet 
the instance a person makes such eyes.  And it became his life work.

The girl was Sayo-chan, and Herbie-san had gone out with her until he left to London.  
She wrote letters several times to him but he didn't answer them.  He says he tried 
to break off all his attachment to Japan because he had moved to London with a 
definite decision.  "But I might be a bad man," he said.

Tunes played in the program:-

"GLORIOUS DAYS" by HOTEI Tomoyasu with emcee by Herbie-san
    The words for the song are written all in English.  Herbie-san wrote them for 
    the memories of Sayo-chan.

"Stand Up" by Wilder & Clarke ft. Katherine Ellis

Satoshi DATE: 28 Feb.(Wed) 12:17:54

MSN Movie Japan carries an interview with SAWAJIRI Erika (in Japanese):

As you know, she has appeared rather in literary works, but in this interview, she 
says she wants to play an action role.  Especially she wants to play Fujiko in 
Lupin III, she says.  The title is originally a manga and has adapted to a lot of 
animation for theaters, TV and video games but a live action film has not been 
produced so far.  The most famous animated one is MIYAZAKI Hayao's movie.

Satoshi DATE: 22 Feb.(Th) 18:20:47

[REAL ERIKA on February 16]

This week's topic is "Photograph."

And the program has invited a photographer, Mr. Herbie YAMAGUCHI as the guest of 
this week and the next.

He used to stay in London in 1970's to 80's and took pictures of many of rock 
musicians including Robert PLANT, Brian MAY, Joe STRUMMER and Boy George.  
As Erika talked in the air several weeks ago, she loves the rock in that time best, 
so says she envies Yamaguchi-san very much.  Then he talks about several episodes 
in London.

When he moved by tube, he found Joe STRUMMER was sitting in the same carriage.  
As he asked Strummer if he could take a picture of him, he accepted readily and 
said when he got off the carriage, "Take anything you want.  That's punk."

Once he shared rooms with a young man named George.  He was a bit gay, but 
Yamaguchi-san had sentenced he was not a gay before they lived.  George turned out 
to be Boy George and when he formed Culture Club, he invited Yamaguchi-san to 
the first concert.

Yamaguchi-san felt the musicians like Culture Club are very cool, while he looked 
poor in casual clothes and without makeup.  But the musicians came to him and said, 
"You have real black hair and brown eyes no cosmetics can imitate.  We really envy 
you by that."  He stopped copying white people since then.

He used to go out with an ex-ex-girlfriend of Sid VICIOUS.  Once she went to a club 
leaving her earrings at home.  She put on a pair of safety pins instead to hide the 
holes.  Since then, wearing safety pins became a fashion among punk rockers.

Tunes played in the program:-

"The Magnificent Seven" by The Clash with emcee by Yamaguchi-san
"Soulshakin'" by Dennis Christopher

Satoshi DATE: 16 Feb.(Fri) 20:32:36

Hello, kensin.

I love Mimisuma, too.  In this season of graduation, the scenes of the movie rise 
into my mind.  Your mind, too?

kensin DATE: 16 Feb.(Fri) 20:18:19


Satoshi DATE: 16 Feb.(Fri) 20:12:32

Eigo de Shabera night is to be renewed in April and the main personalities are 
changed (in Japanese):

Among the current personalities, SHAKU Yumiko and MATSUMOTO Kazuya are going to 
quit until March, and Patrick "Pakkun" HARLAN and Chris PEPPLER, the narrator are 
to continue as regular personalities.

Three people are joining from April.  They are:-

She is known about the enthusiasm for practicing English.

He is beginning to learn English from almost zero.

AOI Minoru
An announcer for NHK.  Born January 2, 1981 in Tokyo.  Male.

The airing schedule is also to be changed to 11:00 - 11:30 at Monday night.

The news is a shock to me, because I'm a fan of SHAKU Yumiko. *Sigh*

Satoshi DATE: 15 Feb.(Th) 18:46:27

[REAL ERIKA on February 9]

This week's topic is "How to make SAWAJIRI Erika part II."

And the program has invited Yamada-san (male), Erika's hair-and-makeup artist 
and Seki-Mom (female), Erika's stylist as the guests continued from last week.

Erika asks Yamada-san why he wanted to become a hair-and-makeup artist, and he 
answers he was becoming a barber first because he was interested in hair dressing.  
He continues, "But I changed my mind to become a beautician because I wanted to 
work with a lot of girls." (The women burst out laughing.)

Erika asks Seki-mom about this year's fashion, and she answers shining objects will 
be in fashion continued from last year.  "Like accessories with gold or silver, or 
spangled dresses," says she.  Erika is pleased, "Shining objects?  What makes me 
crazy about?"  "Yes, your great favorites."

Erika asks the other two what should be done if a listener wants to become the 
same professional as theirs.  Yamada-san answers, "You need to be an expert before 
all, so become a beautician, first.  If you have enough experience, contact me.  
I'll introduce someone who can hire you as an assistant." (Erika: "You don't have 
your own assistant.  Why?"  Yamada-san: "I don't need one, because you make up by 
yourself!"  Erika: "Ha! ha! ha! ha!")

Seki-Mom answers the question, "You need to like fashion, first.  I prefer people, 

Tunes played in the program:-

"Nada Soso" by NATSUKAWA Rimi with the emcee of Yamada-san (Yamada-san: "I always 
sob when I listen to the song."  Erika: "Ha! ha! ha!")

"Hideaway" by De'Lacy

"Nada Soso" is my favorite song, too.  I carry it in my Walkman everyday with 
"A Song To the Sun" by Kaoru Amane, soundtracks from TV series, "One Liter of 
Tears" and "A Song To the Sun", "Konayuki" by Remioromen and others.

Satoshi DATE: 13 Feb.(Tue) 16:41:57

Producer SUZUKI Toshio of Studio Ghibli appeared at a TV program in Japan last night.

The program is "Kuro^zu-Appu Gendai" (literally means "Closing Up the Present Day" 
of NHK (in Japanese):

This week's title of the program is "Good Rate! Japanese Movies -- Is the Comeback 
Real? --"  Some of Japanese film producers are introduced and Producer Suzuki is 
asked comments as the guest.

The topic is based on last year's success of domestic films in Japan.  In 2006, 
domestic films boosted the total box office gross to 107.7 billion yen with a 31.8 
percent growth over the previous year, while foreign films earned 94.8 billion yen, 
dropping 18.8 percent.  The proportion of one to the other was turned over:

For the reason of the facts, the program reported increase of producer's role, new 
fund raising systems, originality in planning, and so on.  Suzuki-san was pleased 
about the success, but worried at the same time that Japanese films lack variety 
and steadiness.

Satoshi DATE: 9 Feb.(Fri) 08:19:33

 [REAL ERIKA on February 2]

This week's topic is "How to make SAWAJIRI Erika."

And the program has two guests.  One is Yamada-san (male), Erika's hair technician 
and the other is Seki-san (female), Erika's stylist (Erika calls her "Seki Mom")

Erika says they first met when she was in the third year of junior high school (in 
the 9th grade), and since then, they has worked together as a team for magazines or 
TV commercials (Erika: "It's a strange feeling we talk like this in a radio station, 
isn't it?")

One of their recent works is a TV commercial for chewing gum named XYLISH.  It 
became famous for Erika's odd appearance with her white wig and costumes.  They 
say Yamada-san prepared the wig, and Seki-Mom selected the clothes.

What was caused bigger sensation is her appearance in Tokyo International Film 
Festival last year.  Erika walked in a shirt and jeans under a fur jacket on the 
red carpet, chewing gum.

Yamada-san: "Are you criticized for it?"  Erika: "A lot.  They blamed me in the 
Net or anywhere.  They said, 'Who made her chewing gum?' or something.  I'll make 
it public here.  It was you."  Yamada-san: "I'm sorry, it was me.  I tempted her."  
Seki-Mom: "But the gum was XYLISH, wasn't it?"

Seki-Mom and Erika say they have very closed taste.  Erika purchases many of the 
costumes Seki-Mom prepares for their job, and wares them privately.  Sometimes it 
happens that Seki-Mom wants to purchase one of them but Erika has already purchased 
it.  And Erika sometimes ask her advise about styling for her private use.  Yamada-san 
says, "Today, I knew I had a lot of things I didn't know about you two."

Erika announces her this-year's goal (Yamada-san: "Is it OK?  This is not a 
drinking party.")  The goal is to become a cool woman (Erika:  "I can't see 'cool' 
means cute or sexy or something else yet.  But I want to try to go toward the 
goal.")  The two promises to help her.

Next week, the two will be on the program again (Yamada-san: "Oh, really?"  Erika: 
"So you say as if you didn't know.")

Tunes played in the program:-

"Buddam Sharanam" by United Peace Voices by the CD Seki-Mom has brought
"Disremembrance" by Dannii Minogue

Satoshi DATE: 6 Feb.(Tue) 16:38:08

Hello, gray, welcome to the bulletin board!

I'm sorry, I know only the name of GLAY, but I heard they are a really great band.

I used to be listening to music almost everyday, but for more than ten years I've 
been away from it, so I know little about the music in and after 90s.  But I'm 
getting interested in music again these years, so I may be crazy about rock bands 
like GLAY one day.

Satoshi DATE: 3 Feb.(Sat) 08:37:35

SHINKAI Makoto's new feature film is to be released early in spring in Japan.

The title is Byo^soku 5 Sentime^toru (literally means "Five Centimeters per Second"):

I saw the trailer in a theater last weekend and that made me exited, because I 
watched his last feature film, The Place Promised in Our Early Days when it was 
released and I instantly became his fan.  The story and characters was amazing, 
of course, but what made me most moved was the background art.  Who else can express 
light and shadows so impressively, I thought.

I'm looking forward to watch another magic of light and shadows of his.

You can see the trailer at this official site (in Japanese):

The site also has a photo gallery and the entrance to moving images of his previous 
works -- A five minute short film, She and Her Cat, two trailers for Voices of a 
Distant Star, and a digest of The Place Promised in Our Early Days.

Satoshi DATE: 2 Feb.(Fri) 17:32:41

[REAL ERIKA on January 26]

This week's topic continues "Stars" from last week with the guest, Mr. O^HARA Takayuki.

Erika says she likes to lie on her back and watch stars with iPod on a beach, and 
Mr. O^hara says he envies her because he has been too busy to design a planetarium 
for these years and not able to watch stars like when he was a child.

Erika proposes assisting him with design of a planetarium but instantly takes that 
back when he says his main work is to construct machines.  She says, "Here come 
machines!  A man really likes machines, doesn't he?  He talks about a machine or 
an automobile every time!"  Mr. O^hara proposes her back to help him as a narrator 
and she says she could accept that.

Tunes played in the program:-

"Theme from Antarctica" by Vangelis with Mr. O^hara's emcee

Antarctica is a 1983 Japanese movie ("Then it was released three years before I 
was born, right?" by Erika)  It had been at top of boxoffice among Japanese movies 
with 5.9 billion yen of gross rental (about 12 billion yen of estimated total gross) 
until Princess Mononoke got ahead of it with 19.3 billion yen of total gross in 1997.

Satoshi DATE: 24 Jan.(Wed) 19:24:58

[REAL ERIKA on January 19]

The topic of this week is "Stars."  Mr. O^HARA Takayuki, a planetarium creator is 
on the program as the guest.  Erika says she has one of his works, "Home Star," 
and enjoys it.  The planetarium is designed for home use and has a million to 
five million stars.  It's said it has sold more than 200,000 sets since it was 
put on the market the year before last.

Their talking spreads to an eclipse and the northern lights.  Erika saw a total 
eclipse of the sun in Turkey while she was traveling there on March 29 last year, 
and Mr. O^hara saw it in Egypt on the same day.  They say that seeing a total 
eclipse of the sun was a mysterious experience and excited them.  Mr. O^hara says 
he likes to travel to see the northern lights, and Erika saw them on a plain when 
she was traveling.

Mr. O^hara is to be on the program next week, too.

Tunes played in the program:-

"You Raise Me Up" by Celtic Woman with Mr. O^hara's request
"Movin Up" (Extended Club Mix) by Glory Parade Feat. Angie Brown

Satoshi DATE: 17 Jan.(Wed) 08:51:32

SAWAJIRI Erika's first radio program, "REAL ERIKA" airs at 7:30 - 8:00 p.m. every 
Friday in Tokyo and its neighboring area (in Japanese but containing her photo):

The band is 79.5MHz FM by NACK5.  This is the website (Sorry, in Japanese, again):

The program already started on January 5 but I listened to it last week for the 
first time.  I mean I missed the first week.  What a failure!

Anyway, because I've fallen in love with her as I talked before, it was a very 
happy time to listen to her voice.

The topic of the week is "Music and me."  She says music is everything for her.  
She doesn't watch television in her room, but listens to music all day and everyday.  
She listens to a lot of kinds of music including classical music ("Wow, really?  
You wouldn't believe that!"), but especially she loves rock music in the 1970s like 
Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and the Woodstock artists.  Because she was born in 
1986, she means she loves the music written before her birth.

She says she has kept practicing the guitar since last year when she was given 
intensive training to play a singer/songwriter in a television series, "Taiyo^ no 
Uta" (Song to the Sun), and a custom-made electric guitar designed by herself is 
under production ("A ve-e-e-ry cool guitar!  I can't see if I have a chance to play 
it before audience, though").

Tunes played in the program:-

"This is New York" by Sander Kleinenberg
"Good Luck" by Basement Jaxx
"Put Your Hands Up for Detroit" by Fedde le Grand

Satoshi DATE: 13 Jan.(Sat) 17:37:44

Spirited Away is to be aired on February 2 (Friday) in Japan: (in Japanese)

The details of the broadcast:-
    Time:  9:03 - 11:25 p.m.
    Program:  Kin'yo^ Ro^do Sho^ (Friday Road Show) of Nippon Television Network
    Source type:  Uncut high definition size

Satoshi DATE: 10 Jan.(Wed) 08:59:48

SHIONO Nanami, an Italy-base Japanese novelist, published the last volume of 
The Stories of the Romans (a.k.a. Res Gestae Populi Romani) last December and 
completed her 15-volume monumental work.

Shiono has written a large number of books, mainly historical novels on the 
Mediterranean region:
The Stories of the Romans is a bulky set of series on the comprehensive history of ancient Rome, the Kingdom, Republic and Empire -- since the founding until the fall. One of the reasons the novel is so popular must be because ancient Rome is the origin of the Global Civilization. Many of important elements of our civilization -- rule by laws, improvement of infrastructure, multi-national harmony, highway networks, and water and sewage -- all started with Rome. Some of her novels have been translated into English: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw/002-9039913-3856032?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=nanami+shiono&Go.x=12&Go.y=11&Go=Go

Satoshi DATE: 10 Jan.(Wed) 08:50:36

Hello, amy!  Welcome to the bulletin board!

I love spirited away, too.  What character do you like best?  I like Chihiro and 
Yubaba.  I'll be pleased if you can say "Konnichiwa", too (^^

amy DATE: 7 Jan.(Sun) 09:21:59

i saw spirited away the other day and loved it. Im not japanese but i taught myself numbers and can say sayonara!

Satoshi DATE: 29 Nov.(Wed) 12:24:51

The diary page of Studio Ghibli tells the key animation of the next film has 
started (in Japanese):

The word-by-word translation of the date:

November 24th, Friday,

In the morning, we had a production schedule meeting with Mr. Miyazaki and the 
main crew of "xxxx", the next film.  The schedule was just based on supposition 
because all of the storyboards had not been finished yet, but the A and B parts 
had already been on key animation process and so we confirmed together the 
starting dates for each department to follow the process. Thought we must have 
the detailed discussion on that schedule with the main crew everyday to minimize 
the shifts of the schedule.  Anyway, when we make a schedule, all the digits fit 
nicely as usual ...

Satoshi DATE: 23 Nov.(Th) 16:57:56

Hong Kong gave a big welcome to K, a Japan-base singer/song writer (in Japanese):

K is popular in Hong Kong because he sings the theme song of a TV drama series, 
One Liter of Tears (or "1 Litre of Tears").

The drama has been very popular since it was broadcast for the first time 
in Japan in autumn of the last year.

The detail is this:

Adding that, the TV drama gave a big break to the actress who played the heroine, 

Why did I post that?  Because I'm falling love with HER!

Satoshi DATE: 22 Nov.(Wed) 19:11:16

Hello, Hui Jing

I'm sorry for my long silence to you, too (^^  And I'm pleased you've been 
working hard at your studies and made a lot of friends in the school.

Nana is a super popular manga and a live-action movie adapted from it:

The title has a TV anime series, too, but the movie is more popular.
Nana 2, the sequel and the last movie of NANA series is coming soon.  It's to be 
released in Japan on Dec. 9th of this year.

Satoshi DATE: 11 Nov.(Sat) 15:31:10

Oh, what happened to you, chiaki?  It's too sudden.  It can't be helped if you 
are too busy, but I hope you can post here since now when you're not very busy.

By the way, do you know Zdenek MACAL, Chief Conductor of Czech Philharmonic Orchestra?

He acts a great conductor in a TV series, "Nodame Cantabile":

I haven't read the manga, but the TV drama is amazing!  I'm hooked on it.

True DATE: 11 Nov.(Sat) 14:57:06

I'm so sorry that u left this space. Anyway thanks a lot for your kindness.
Best wishes for u!!

chiaki DATE: 9 Nov.(Th) 16:59:12

Dear Satoshi, Vega, True... unfortunately I have to leave this space... I was happy here with
you and thanks to you! Sincerely I wish to all of you here the happy life! 

chiaki DATE: 6 Nov.(Mon) 17:43:35

Hiiiii Satoshi!!!
Thank you very much for an explanation! Now I understand.
Oh, I think I have to go through that "nausicaa.net" carefully... (^.^;)
but the time is my enemy... I have too many things to do!
And my main "research" is about the music.
Btw: "Fan Art Illustration Gallery" of this site is very nice - I was surprised how skilful are
all those fans! And I really like the annotations attached to pictures!

Satoshi DATE: 4 Nov.(Sat) 17:04:13

Hi, chiaki (^^

I'm sorry I'm so late.  You can get the solution when you see an answer of the 
FAQs in Nausicaa.net:

After all, the title is spelled "Omohide Poroporo" to respect for the original 
manga, but it is pronounced "Omoide Poroporo".  The two versions are the "spelling 
version" and the "pronunciation version".

In my opinion, although "Omohide" is officially correct, but "Omoide" should be 
allowed as an informal spelling.

And when you read the title "Omohide", you must pay attention not to pronounce 
the "h", just like when you read "hour".

chiaki DATE: 3 Nov.(Fri) 22:17:27

Hi True!!!
No no no, please don't be embarrassed, it was not clearly written by me! Gomeeen.
I just wanted to avoid repeating of the same information on this page... 
In fact the traffic is not so heavy here, so my worries were rather inappropriate. Please forgive me.
Yes, I agree, Naushika is also great movie! As well as Lupin...
but I am just a foreigner who fell in love with Japan, but unfortunately living so far away...
So I always prefer movies with clearly Japanese environment (I mean film setting)!
Oh, flying is wonderful! I always wanted to fly too... 
(luckily I can fly at least in my dreams very often)

True DATE: 3 Nov.(Fri) 14:39:58

Hey chiaki!
Wat can I say? Just so emberassed snd ...funny! I completely misunderstood.
Sorry and thanks for your kindness.
I love "Whisper of the heart". When I had been looking for a site which people can chat each other, I came here because I love the movie.
Also I love NAUSHIKA too. When I was a little child, I wanted to fly like Naushika!!

Hello Satoshi!
Thanks for your work^-^ Nice to meet u!!

Hui Jing DATE: 2 Nov.(Th) 22:03:48

cya next time ^^ i gtg ^^ sayonara 

Hui Jing DATE: 2 Nov.(Th) 21:41:05

Hmm.. a new movie NANA?
i kinda heard of it..but i don't know is about wad..it is a anime or a movie dat is acted
by real actor and actress??Japanese movies..i love them..=)
example: Death Note and of course ALL DE ghibli's works.. =P
Any new works of ghibli?? i am looking forward!i bought de DVD howl's moving castle..
it was nice but the fact is i tink the DVD is spoil or wad..i cannot even hear a thing..
i make de volume to 50 i can hear but it is soft..but luckily it had subtitles =)
i oso recently learnt japanese..=) JAPAN ROX! ((:

Hui Jing DATE: 2 Nov.(Th) 21:32:57

oo i am sry i didn't reply to ur last message 4 me..
i recently really 4get about this website..busy with all those subjects..sigh..
my secondary sch??it is cool..Evergreen Secondary..i tell u wad.. 
de skirt look like table cloth!!hehes..secondary life is so tiring..
we haf 11 subjects to cope..mother tongue,
english,science,literature,mathematics,geography,history,home economic,design and technology,art,P.E
I've learn many things..Of course i oso made alot of new friends..
well..er..hana, if u came to this website rencently
can u pls email me?we've not been in contact since the beginning of de year.. =) 
hope u see this^^

chiaki DATE: 2 Nov.(Th) 18:21:19

Hello again, True! 
Well, I took an inspiration from your quiestion on my favorite anime - and so I reviewed 
this matter now again just to find out that my top favorite anime movies are still:
1) 耳をすませば (Whisper of the heart)
2) となりのトトロ (My neigbour Totoro)
3) 千と千尋の神隠し (Spirited Away) ...

chiaki DATE: 30 Oct.(Mon) 20:36:41

Hiiiii! True!!! 
Oh, I am sooo sorry (gomen nasai) I made you misunderstand me - I really don't care how you
write my nickname, this is absolutely no problem! I just wanted to ask you for reading my previous
messages here (because I already put here some info about my favorite animations), which could
be easily done by searching this page with keyword "chiaki".
Well, it is funny coincidence - we mentioned here MIYAZAKI Aoi and MIYAZAKI Hayao... btw: is there
any relation between them? Could they be some relatives? 

A, SATOSHI!!! Ohisashiburi! Nice to hear from you again!! Yes, it's a hard work to clean this
board... What do you think about some upgrade of this page - there is a possibility to use 
some randomly generated picture of digits which only human can read and write
as kind of password for sending a message here (or to answer some simple question - for example:
how many legs has a dog...)??? I think that problem is made mostly by programs...
And I am very very sorry for asking you again - but please can you explain why it happened 
and there are 2 versions of the title: "Omoide Poroporo" and "Omohide Poroporo"? 

Satoshi DATE: 30 Oct.(Mon) 17:24:43

Hello, True, welcome to the bulletin board!
I'm Satoshi, a member of the administration staff of here, Mohri's website.

Don't mind the triple posting.  I've cleared the other two.

Vega, chiaki, True and everyone, I'm sorry for leaving from posting to here for 
long months.  I've been busy recently for some reason, but at least I've been 
working everyday as "a sweeper" (^^)

I like the movie, NANA, too.  So It's a little disappointed that MIYAZAKI Aoi 
declined the offer for NANA 2, but ICHIKAWA Yui is an excellent actress, too.  
I'm looking forward to see it.

Talking about another Miyazaki (^^) I love his FIRST FOUR sooooo deeeeeeply!  
Lupin, Nausicaa, The Castle and Totoro are my most favorite movies in all time!

True DATE: 27 Oct.(Fri) 20:28:52

Hi chiaki!
I'm very sorry. I should have noticed that point.
I'll write "chiaki" from now on.
Oh! Did u watch the movie NANA? I haven't seen it.
I read comic books of NANA. I like to read comic books and see movies!!
I think Miyazaki-san is pretty good 'cuz she is really similar to NANA in the comic book.
Did u hear that the actor of NANA will change. Yui Ichikawa is gonna be next "NANA".
Wat's your favorite animation?

chiaki DATE: 26 Oct.(Th) 23:54:59

Hiii True!
Of course I have my favorite animation... very sorry, but can I ask you for one thing?
Please, can you kindly read my previous messages here first - always "chiaki" (^_^;)
(because I already put this and more information here)
Aaa, NANA! I watched the movie with NAKASHIMA Mika and MIYAZAKI Aoi... I like it very much!
What about your opinion of Miyazaki-san's work?

True DATE: 26 Oct.(Th) 21:57:44

Hi Chiaki!
I just wanted to enjoy having conversations in English.
So it's okay!
Well... my favorite animation...
Actually I don't have favorite one.
I like many like NANA,Naruto,ONE PIECE and so on.
Do u have favorite one?


chiaki DATE: 26 Oct.(Th) 21:25:36

Hi True! Hajimemashite.
Sorry, I am not Australian... but nice to meet you here!
What's your favorite anime?

True DATE: 26 Oct.(Th) 19:21:24

Hi everyone!
I'm true^-^ I came here to talk in English and make friends.
I'm Japanese. I have been to Australia once. I love Aussie!!!
Let's be friends!
Hope to hear from u guys

chiaki DATE: 2 Oct.(Mon) 17:16:57

Ohayoogozaimasu, Vega!
It's Monday morning... next weekend is "Aki matsuri" here, organized by Japanese living in Czech.
Of course I will participate! Now I pray for a good weather! Recently some rains came but still
it's not cold. Usually Japanese Honshu and other islands on South are warmer than here... but weather
is more and more crazy, you know.
By the way, 2 films by Miyazaki Hayao were telecasted on Czech TV: Princess Mononoke and recently 
Spirited Away! It's unfortunatelly very very rare here, except of Sunday early morning with series
of Pokemon and Digimon (but now it's over) - there is almost no anime on Czech TV (terrestrial)... 
But there is one channel on cable TV dedicated to anime. I don't have it (but I think they
broadcast e.g. Inuyasha...)
So I depend on my visits to Japan! Luckily I can go almost every year. Usually I stay in Tokyo but
also Osaka, Kyoto,...
Soredewa mata ne! Bai-baaai!! (~-~)/"

Vega DATE: 18 Sep.(Mon) 23:50:22

Hello Chiaki!

Now it's getting very cooooool and wet in Japan, we have lots of rain here in Yokohama.
I guess it's much colder there in Prague than here...am I right?
Most part of Europe is located in highter latitude than Japan, I suppose...?
And can you believe, a tornado hit Miyazaki yesterday!!!!
We still have typhoons coming!!

I also hear Miyazaki Hayao is now making his new film....but not so sure...
I really hope so.^^
Friends around me who watched Tales from Earthsea says it's a good movie.^^
Have you seen it?  Well, I missed it...I miss many movies including
The Pirates of Caribbean II.^^;

Yes, it's nice to live in suburb, there're still little complains, though.^^;
When you come back to Japan, do you stay mostly in Tokyo?
How often can you come back to Japan?
Hope you can have a few days off and enough time to visit where you want to.^^

See ya!(^^)/ 

chiaki DATE: 11 Sep.(Mon) 17:45:11

Vega!!! Hiiii! Konnichiwaaaa!!! (^O^)ノ
Thank you very much for reply! 
So you are woman - frankly speaking I had no idea... <(^-^;)
>mountainside of Yokohama< WOW! You are lucky!!
...to live in suburb is (I think) perfect! You can easily reach both the nature as well the city!
I need both. 

Well, next time in Japan I'd like to visit more places related to my favorite anime...
thanks to Satoshi's great pages!!

By the way: somebody said (at some forum?) that Miyazaki Hayao is making a new anime!!!
Really? Do you know something about it? I can't wait...

Vega DATE: 2 Sep.(Sat) 18:01:48

Hello Chiaki!!

Thank you for your message.^^
Yes, Vega would be woman's handle name and I'm female.^^
I didn't tell so, because I thought my handle can tell enough.
Maybe you thought I'm male?^^

Chiaki, I didn't get you wrong.^^
I actually thought "Omoide Poroporo" could be the real movie, because it's the story of
real world, you know, you may have to add some CG of little heroine, though.
But I still think the cartoon movie has its own good atmosphere, we can feel that good 
mood in "Omoide Poroporo" too.

>I am not from countryside like that and I really love big cities... 
Do you?  I don't like big cities so much.^^;
But I know I can't live in the countryside...I hate worms or bugs.^^;;
Living in suburb might be the best for me like now.
(I should confess I live in the mountainside of Yokohama which is rather edge of 
the city.^^;)

>but I deeply respect and admire people living in villages, working on the fields!
Yes, so do I.  I know it's very important work for human being, but it's also something
I can never do.(-_-;  So I guess I must do something else that I can do in return.
I kind of envy the people who find joy in raising something like plants.
I'm so bad at rasing any plants...well, only plant I could raise is aloe in our veranda.
Aloe is good for a burn or a scratch.^^

See ya!(^-^)/

chiaki DATE: 30 Aug.(Wed) 19:03:42

Dear Satoshi, please can you explain why it happened and there are 2 versions of the title:
"Omoide Poroporo" and "Omohide Poroporo"?
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

chiaki DATE: 30 Aug.(Wed) 18:55:16

Hiii Vega (^O^)/
Thank you for reply and greeting!
Omoide Poroporo! Well, or "Omohide Poroporo"...(?!)
Ah, please don't get me wrong - pictures and all animation that's all great!
My "complaint" on face expressions is just petty... 
in fact it's all matter of few occasional 2-3 little strokes only... 
(I am not concentrated on this usually, but for some unknown reason it just happened now)
But the story and its atmosphere is very wonderful!! 
I am not from countryside like that and I really love big cities... 
so I am afraid that instead of the heroine I'd not be able to come back...
but I deeply respect and admire people living in villages, working on the fields!
I was helping my friends on tea field and rice field, 
so I got to know the real thing a little bit...
Oh, but one thing makes me really sad: 
some kind of "separation" or rather "distance" of father from the rest of the family
as we can see in the film... yes, there is a lot of historic and other reasons
(and I know this happened in Europe too - esp.before WW2)... 
but sorry, I don't like such an "unequal model".
Well, nothing is just black'n'white and also time's working (I'm still rather optimistic)...

By the way: Vega - (as "Chiaki") it could be also women (nick)name...?
On the sky it's "Female weaver"...

Vega DATE: 28 Aug.(Mon) 22:30:53

Hi Chiaki!!

Thanks for your message.^^
Well, I happened to watch an American movie whose story was mostly going around old 
European cities including Prague, and as far as I saw, Prague was stone city as you tell 
me.^^  The story itself was similar to "Roman Holiday" (or "Holiday in Rome" is correct?),
concluded with the happy end.  Yes, I like European medieval architecture, I might love 
to be in Prague.(*^-^*)

Well, so you finally watched "Omoide Poroporo"!!!
The faces of hero and heroine a little looked like their voice artists (Yanagiba Toshiro 
& Imai Miki), I thought.  I don't remember their names in the film, though, the hero was
so fine man that he was very proud of doing his job, agriculture, which is not so welcomed
to young generation because of the hard work, you know.  And when the heroine, who 
realized she said "It's a lovely place." too easily to those who live there, she showed 
her honesty that she told she never thought how hard to live such a circumstance until 
then.  She was ashamed of herself.  At that moment I felt she understood shomething that
is important for life and how cute she was.(ToT)  As you say, it didn't have to be a
cartoon movie, Yanagiba Toshiro and Imai Miki could act real.^^

Oh, one more thing.
I told my daughter a greeting from you, and she asked me to greet back to you.^^ 

See you later!(^^)/ 

chiaki DATE: 22 Aug.(Tue) 17:13:56

Konnichiwa! (^o^)/ Vega!
Sorry for a long silence. Somehow I am always busy... at work...
Praha? Well, it is VERY stone city on the hills (and some plane as well) around the river! 
I think if you like European style medieval architecture, you will love Praha.
Common language is, of course, Czech (veeeeery difficult!). If you wish to learn more about, here
I put some link: www.geocities.com/jpncz (please try other links from that page ^_^;)

But let's rather talk about anime... (^_-)
Oh, and thank you very much for so kind words about "otaku" 
(say hello to you wonderful daughter, please) *^_^*
Btw: finally I watched "OMOIDE POROPORO"!!! It is very wonderful! 
In fact animation is not so elaborated (it's a bit old movie), some face expressions look a bit strange 
(main heroine, when she is smilling...), but the story is very very very nice!!! 
It has strong "natsukashii" feeling. I think it is like real feature film, but animated!
You can even learn something from Japanese modern history - watching this film!
Osusume desu!

Vega DATE: 13 Aug.(Sun) 16:21:29

Hello Chiaki!

Phew!  You live in Czech Republic!!!
I hear Prague(Praha) is a very beautiful city...is it?
How long have you been there?  On business, of course?
I can imagine that the public language may be English, but what language do they
speak?  Or, should I say how many languages are there?  Do you speak some of them?
I have been to US and NZ, but never been to Europe countries.  I also met some
people (face to face or on-line) who live in abroad, but you're a the first person
who live in Czech....Hmmmm, coooooool!!!  Sorry for many questions, hope you don't 
mind, I'm just curious.^^; 

One thing I'm also curious about...how did you know about "Densha Otoko"?
Have you seen the movie or read the book?  Or, maybe through internet?
I believe I don't have a bad feeling about "otaku" people because I feel 
I might be one kind...for instance, I like male voice artists and enjoy watching
cartoons identifying the voices.^^;  I don't watch many these days, though, because
many young artists show up and I can't identify them so easily.^^;;
My daughter(13-year-old-girl) also says people who wander around Akihabara are
rather kind and gentle.  I wonder how she knew it, but she gets many information
through internet or other mass media.^^  
"Densha Otoko" is a dream, or a Marchen, you know, but I guess maybe there're more 
girls who understand people like you than you expected.(^-^)

chiaki DATE: 9 Aug.(Wed) 18:52:01

hello Vega and thank you for reply!
well, I live in the central Europe (EU), Praha city (veeeery old city)...
...and of course I know that Chiaki is usually woman name (^_-)
I ment that I am helpless "otaku" like "densha otoko" 
(for example: buying dolls at Akiba..., but unfortunately I can't do it so easily like him, 
you know - I live so far away...)

Satoshi DATE: 8 Aug.(Tue) 17:26:40

MIYAZAKI Goro^ and SUZUKI Toshio met Le Guin and showed Tales from Earthsea (in Japanese):

On the afternoon of August 6, they showed the film to the audience of about 
70 people including Ms. Ursula K. LE GUIN and her son, Theo at a theater 
in Portland, Oregon.

In that evening, Theo invited Ms. Le Guin, Goro^ and Suzuki to his home party.  
After the party and before saying good bye, Goro^ asked her impression about 
the film and she gave him a short answer with a warm smile:

"It is not my book.  It is your film.  It is a good film."

Satoshi DATE: 3 Aug.(Th) 18:18:58

MIYAZAKI Goro^ has restarted the diary and reported his visit to Korea (in Japanese):

He is persuaded by his boss, SUZUKI Toshio to continue the diary until he meet 
Ms. Le Guin and report the result.

Vega DATE: 2 Aug.(Wed) 22:02:27

Hello Chiaki!

Thanks for your message.^^

And I wondered where you live in...will you let me know?
9000km far from Yokohama...Hmmm...I can't imagine where you are living.^^;

Well, about Kimura Takuya, he's OK.  It's not the matter.
I don't like cartoon movies with voices played by some actors/actresses like
Kimura Takuya just because they're famous and it is good advertisement of the 
film.  But maybe this is not for Ghibli's case especially Miyazaki Hayao's film 
for he would not compromise with his work, I guess.^^;

Sorry, I haven't watched "Densha Otoko" yet, but I know most of the story and my 
daughter read the book of it and said it IS very good story.^^  
Did you say you're similar to "Densha Otoko"?  What does it mean? 
And....oh Jesus, maybe I was misunderstanding...are you male??
If so, sorry, I thought you're a girl because of your handle name, Chiaki is mostly
a girl name, you know.^^;

chiaki DATE: 31 Jul.(Mon) 23:50:02

Hello Vega (^o^)/

I envy you (^_^) - you are in Yokohama!
Unfortunately I am about 9000km far from you (by air)!

E? You don't like "Kimutaku"? I think he is very good actor! 
I watched Kimura Takuya playing pilot in TV drama "GOOD LUCK!!" and I enjoyed it so much!

By the way: recently I watched super very wonderful movie "DENSHA OTOKO" - I love it very very very much!!!
Frankly speaking, I am similar to him -"densha otoko"! But I am not so lucky...
_| ̄|○

chiaki DATE: 31 Jul.(Mon) 23:37:41

>>Satoshi! Thank you very much for the link to "MEI TO KONEKOBASU"! Now I understand. 
Such a pity I was not able to see it! I heard it was already replaced by other film...(?)

>>Yuko! Hajimemashite!
You made me surprised... "Tales from Earthsea" are NG ???
Can you tell me what is bad, please? (I did not see it)

Yuko DATE: 31 Jul.(Mon) 21:05:45

I watched Tales from Earthsea yesterday.
Character's face were look like Hayao works(I was so glad)
 but the movie was completely different compare to Hayao works.
I felt he doesn't have enogh experience to delect movies.
Honestly I didn't enjoy it at all except the song.

Come baaaaaaaack Hayaooooooooo!!! 

Satoshi DATE: 31 Jul.(Mon) 17:20:06

Tales from Earthsea came to the premiere last Saturday and MIYAZAKI Goro^ has 
suspended the diary (in Japanese):

Goro^ has reported his appearance at the premiere and says he will stop writing 
the diary.

He says his tour on the film still goes on.  He is going to visit South Korea 
next week and to go to the United States to meet Ms. Ursula K. Le Guin, and 
to Venice in September.

Vega DATE: 30 Jul.(Sun) 13:35:30

Hello Chiaki and everyone,

Thank you for explaining Nausica & Raputa.^^
I was not sure about their spelling.^^;
I also miss some Bhibli works especially recent ones.

Howl's Moving Castle was on the air the other day, but I was out then.^^;
My son watched it and it's very wonderful, even if Kimura Takuya was
playing Howl's voice.^^;;
Well, I think Kimura Takuya himself's OK, and so my son.
But why my son said so is because I'm complaing about some good cartoon
movies are ruined by voices played by famous talents not by professional
voice artists.  Actually, knowing Kimura Takuya was playing Howl's voice, 
I decided not to watch it.  Maybe I'm not fair to think this way, but I don't 
want to be disappointed any more.^^;
Or, maybe I'll watch it, I come to think while writing here that Miyazaki 
Hayao cannot compromise with his work, even if it's Kimura Takuya.  Right?

BTW, I've been to Ghibli Museum in Mitaka once.  
I'm sorry I didn't have enough time to watch movies either.
One thing I remember well is how crowded the shop was.^^;
I live in Yokohama and it's rather far to come to Mitaka and back,
but I'd like to come again someday soon.^^  

sherry DATE: 30 Jul.(Sun) 10:52:19

Friends  send  me  email  at  sherrybabycute@yahoo.com   Do  you  watch  GAKI  NO  TSUKAI  
program  of  DOWNTOWN  on NTV  CH-4  sunday  10:55pm?  Do  you  admire  Mr.  Itao`s YOME?
Please  let  me  know,  OK!

sherry DATE: 30 Jul.(Sun) 10:47:09

english  pcs  auction  please

Yuko DATE: 29 Jul.(Sat) 19:05:10

My NO1 is Laputa but I also love Nausicaa.
The songs is beautiful and touching.
My 着メロ is Nausicca!

I don't really like recently Hayao works.
I'd rather old one.

Satoshi DATE: 29 Jul.(Sat) 17:16:11

Hello, Yuko!

I love Laputa and Nausicaa, too.  My best is Nausicaa.  I'm sorry (^^;

But I love the music of Laputa best.  It's the best match of pictures and music
 in the history of films, I think.

Satoshi DATE: 29 Jul.(Sat) 17:07:29

Hello, chiaki, nice to meet you!  You can call me just "Satoshi" (^^

The film you missed in the Ghibli Museum must be this:

It's a short but amazing film.  I hope you have another chance to visit the museum, 
because you can see it only in the museum.

Yuko DATE: 29 Jul.(Sat) 09:40:58

I love Laputa and Naushika too!
Number1 is Laputa for me!

Pazu is so manly!
The music is also awesome!!
I have the sound track.
There're lots of site about Laputa & Naushika.
Why don't you see them?

Yuko DATE: 29 Jul.(Sat) 09:34:26

Hi nice to meet you!
I live in Aichi.

Have you heard of OIDEN(おいでん) festival?
It started there since yesterday.
Many people walk around Toyota city with dancing to OIDEN song.
We have the fire-works tommorow of course.

Their costume are so fuuny!
I couldn't go there but I watched it on internet in real time.
There're such people in there.   

You can see it on 
from 18:30 today.

You can't miss it!

chiaki DATE: 28 Jul.(Fri) 19:25:02

>>Satoshi san!
Thank you for information!

BTW: some time ago, when I visited super wonderful Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, 
in the cinema hall they just screened some anime... I think it was about "KONEKOBASU" (?) but 
unfortunatelly I had no time to see it...
Please, can you tell some me something about that film???
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Satoshi DATE: 28 Jul.(Fri) 18:55:41

Venice Film Festival has invited Tales from Earthsea (Gedo Senki) as a work for 
the Out of Competition section:

It's the third time for Studio Ghibli to be invited by the festival after 
Howl's Moving Castle in 2004 and MIYAZAKI Hayao in 2005.

Satoshi DATE: 28 Jul.(Fri) 18:23:15

MIYAZAKI Goro^ finished his promotion tour for his first film, and MIYAZAKI Hayao 
started preparing for his next film (in Japanese):

Yesterday, two days before the theatrical release of Tales from Earthsea, 
MIYAZAKI Goro^ went to Studio Ghibli after a long absence.  He found the 
animation division on the second floor of Studio One, where he used to work, 
was completely rearranged and MIYAZAKI Hayao, Goro^'s father had started 
working to prepare his next film there.  As Goro^ somehow felt hesitating 
to step in, he went up into the producer's room on the third floor and made 
an empty desk his temporary working space.

chiaki DATE: 25 Jul.(Tue) 19:47:37

Hello Vega (^o^)/
Nice to meet YOU!

"Nausica" = ナウシカ = reading: [naushika] = nau(like english: now)-shi(like in: ship)-ka(like in:Canada)?
"Raputa"= ラピュタ = [rapyuta] = ra(like in:rub)-pyu(like in:pure)-ta(like in:town)?
...is that what you need?

mmmhmm, I think it's better not to skip any Ghibli work... 
Unfortunatelly I didn't see it all yet, but I'll surely do! 
"Omoide Poroporo" is on my "must see" list #1!
"Umi ga kikoeru" is sooo romantic! I know I'm helpless (^_^;)
Well, but of course "Whisper of the heart" rules!!!

Vega DATE: 24 Jul.(Mon) 18:40:14

Hello Satoshi & Chiaki & everyone,

Hello.  Nice to meet you.^^
This is my first time to write here.
You guys are talking about Ghibli's works, right?
My most favorite movie of them is also "Whisper of the Heart".^^
This is very encouraging movie not to forget dreams and dreams can come true
if you really wish and keep making efforts to.^^

My second best movies are "Nausica" or "Raputa"(how's the spellings of both?).
I like that kind of adventure film full of fantastic characters and situations.
I also like the voice of both heroes of "Nausica" and "Princess Mononoke" that
the same person, Yoji Matsuda, played.^^

I know there's a movie named "Umi ga kikoeru", but never seen it.
I skimmed the story and decided not to see it.^^;
How about "Omoide Poroporo"?  It is a good movie, I suppose.
And in the film the heroine said that the person who understands the division of 
fraction straightly, he/she will spend a peaceful life.  
I've heard it for the first time.  Is it really?  Do you think?
"Those who can't understand it very good, then they become 'you-can't-make-me' people.
And I'm the one."--the heroine said.^^;
But she WAS cute.^^

chiaki DATE: 14 Jul.(Fri) 23:22:30

oh sorry, I am writing in a hurry... so I'm making mistakes...
I ment that:
"if the story is set in Japan, I strongly prefer beautiful sound of Japanese language!"

chiaki DATE: 14 Jul.(Fri) 22:55:26

Konnichiwa! Ohisashiburi desu.
Satoshi-san! Ohenji wo doomo arigatoo! 
And of course (gomen nasai, last time I forgot it... I am so busy!) thank you veeeeeery much for this all super valuable information here!

Oh, recently I could see another wonderful 'Ghibli' movie: Umi ga kikoeru (wow!).
It is also very very nice!!! But I was surprised that this work is probably not so famous... 
some of my Japanese friends don't know it.

To the sound: IMHO even the best English dubbers can not preserve that unique wonderful feeling which brings an original sound of Japanese.
Both languages have so different qualities! So in case of environment (setting) I strongly prefer beautiful Japanese sound!
I remember that long time ago I saw great movie by Kurosawa "Ran", which was in French language! It was really soooo strange when Japanese samurai spoke in French!!!
I think that subtitles are the best.

Satoshi DATE: 24 Jun.(Sat) 15:53:12

My Neighbor Totoro is to be broadcast in Japan on July 28, Friday (in Japanese):

The schedule:  9:03 to 10:54 p.m. on the NTV network

The date July 28 is a week after the broadcast of Howl's Moving Castle on the same 
program and just one day before the release of Tales from Earthsea.

Satoshi DATE: 24 Jun.(Sat) 15:24:30

Hello, Chiaki, welcome to the bulletin board! (^^

I'm from Chiba, Japan.  Whisper of the Heart and My Neighbor Totoro are my favorite
 movies, too.
Are dubbed soundtracks so bad?  I can't see because I haven't heard them.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this site (^^

Satoshi DATE: 22 Jun.(Th) 08:56:20

I listened to "J-WAVE 25".

The broadcast at the Sunday midnight was titled "The Sound of Studio Ghibli", 
and it featured Studio Ghibli as a sound creator.

SUZUKI Toshio talked why he and MIYAZAKI Hayao selected unknown HISAISHI Joe 
as Music Director for Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind.  The producer and director 
took notice of his music because it was "hot".  It was the middle of 1980 and the 
taste of the times was "cool" music, but they needed a hot heart for the music, 
as they did for the film.

Suzuki talked how he found TESHIMA Aoi, too.  A man from YAMAHA handed him a 
CD-R, saying that he hadn't heard such a voice like Teshima's for 30 years.  
Suzuki seldom listen to demo CD's, but the man's words were on his mind, and 
then he was shocked when he heard Bette Midler's "The Rose" sung by TESHIMA Aoi 
on the CD-R.

The song on the CD-R was played on the program.  Her voice was beautiful and 
had simplicity and good nature.  The very voice of "The Song of Therru".  The 
voice which has made a lot of people including myself crazy about.

TESHIMA Aoi answered the questions by the emcee.  When Studio Ghibli offered 
the theme song and the insertion song to her, she was very surprised but pleased 
because she was a Ghibli fan from her childhood, she said.

The emcee, YAMADA Goro^ had prepared ten questions for the eighteen year old 
singer.  The following is the questions and answers.

1.(Q) What did you want to become in the future when you were a child?
  (A) A librarian.  (The questioner's comment:  "You really like books.")

2.(Q) What are your favorite movies?
  (A) "Roman Holiday", "Little Lord Fauntleroy", "Porco Rosso"  (QC:  "You 
are attentive because you included Ghibli's film")

3.(Q) What are your favorite actors?
  (A) Audrey Hepburn.

4.(Q) What are your favorite musicians?
  (A) Louis Armstrong.  (QC:  "At the early age of yours?  What a quiet taste!")

5.(Q) What thrilled you recently?
  (A)  I'm thrilled when I watch ballet.

6.(Q) What made you sobbing recently?
  (A) Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" with her visuals.

7.(Q) What animal would you compare yourself to?
  (A) I don't know.  But I like a horse.

8.(Q) What do you want to do if you are free all day?
  (A) I want to stay in a library like the one in "Beauty and the Beast".  
(QC: "You like books in conclusion.")

9.(Q) Since you're from Fukuoka, do you like ramen in pig-bone soup?
  (A) I don't like ramen.  But I'd eat it in pig-bone soup.  I prefer udon.

10.(Q) What do you think you will do in ten years?
   (A) I want to remain singing.

The theme song of Tales from Earthsea "Toki no Uta" (The Song of Time) sung by 
Aoi was played on the program for the first time in all media.

chiaki DATE: 21 Jun.(Wed) 02:01:54

I am from EU and love Japanese anime - and the best I love until now are:
耳をすませば (Whisper of the heart) and となりのトトロ (My neigbour Totoro) !!
I really recomend these super lovely and charming films, full of pure humanity!!
And please try to see it with an original beautiful Japanese sound!

Satoshi DATE: 16 Jun.(Fri) 16:33:24

SUZUKI Toshio, the producer of Tales from Earthsea is to be presented on an FM 
radio program (in Japanese):

The station:  J-WAVE (81.3 MHz), available in Tokyo and neighboring areas
The program:  "J-WAVE 25"  25:30-26:30 of June 18, Sunday (1:30-2:30 a.m. of June 19, Monday)
The emcee:  YAMADA Goro^
Others expected to be presented:  TESHIMA Aoi, MIYAZAKI Goro^ and TANIYAMA Hiroko

The theme song for Tales from Earthsea will be aired for the first time in all media.

Satoshi DATE: 13 Jun.(Tue) 09:00:20

"The Song of Therru", the insertion song for Tales from Earthsea hit the market 
with rank 5th (in Japanese):

Satoshi DATE: 10 Jun.(Sat) 08:41:31

Ghibli's official site has announced that Howl's Moving Castle is to be broadcast 
for the first time on TV at 9:00 p.m. on July 21, Friday (in Japanese):

The program's name is "Kin'yo^ Ro^do Sho^" (The Friday Road Show) on the NTV network, 
which has shown all the Ghibli films, and the broadcasting film will be uncut version.

The official site says the details are to be reported later.

The broadcasting date is eight days before the release date of Tales from Earthsea.

Satoshi DATE: 8 Jun.(Th) 17:54:38

My pleasure, Kelvin (^^

I hope you love the film and Seiseki-Sakuragaoka more and more.

Kelvin DATE: 8 Jun.(Th) 02:30:41

Hi, Satoshia, 

Your imformation is so useful
and thank you for your detailed explanation ^^

Satoshi DATE: 7 Jun.(Wed) 18:40:53

Hi, Kelvin, long time no see (^^

The name of the river in the photo is 大栗川(O^gurigawa), but the title is not 
wrong.  Because the river's name in the film is 小栗川(Ogurigawa).  Proper names 
are slightly changed when the models appear in Whisper of the Heart.

This is a map containing 聖蹟桜ヶ丘(Seiseki-Sakuragaoka), the modeled place for 
the main scenes of the film:

The river running across the map is O^gurigawa.  A railroad line runs above the 
river.  It's 京王線(Keio^ Line), the model of 京玉線(Keigyoku Line) in the film.  
In the early scene, Shizuku meets Moon in the train of Keigyoku Line.  And she 
steps out of the station in the map, walks down southward after the cat through 
the bridge, 霞ヶ関橋(Kasumigaseki-bashi) and climbs the winding slope to find 

The slope is called いろは坂(Irohazaka) in the real world.  I've walked on the 
slope, too.

Kelvin DATE: 5 Jun.(Mon) 01:20:08

I got a question about one of the scenes in Whisper of the Heart
Please take a look of the first picture in this website
Is it called 小栗川 or 大栗川
or is 小栗川 part of the the 大栗川?
Thanks~ ^^

Satsohi DATE: 24 May (Wed) 18:41:17

The whole animation process of Tales from Earthsea was completed at 4:00 p.m. on 
May 23 (in Japanese)

The photo above:
Just after the rush check of the final cut.

The photo below:
The key members cry BANZAI after they finished the check of the final cut at 8:00 
p.m. on May 22.
The people are (from left, clockwise) Yamashita, Director of Animation;  Okui, 
Director of Visuals;  Director MIYAZAKI Goro^;  and the arm of Imura, Assistant 

The remaining process is some sound including recording of SUGAWARA Bunta, the 
voice actor for Ged.

Satoshi DATE: 18 May (Th) 19:11:46

The second "Tales from Earthsea" trailer has been accessible on Studio Ghibli's site 
since May 15.  The latest version of Macromedia Flash Player is needed to see it.

Standard screen:

Large screen:

The sounds are all the same as those of the first trailer ("The Song of Therru", 
the Therru's line, the narration), but the visuals are almost all changed.

Satoshi DATE: 18 May (Th) 17:26:54

Hello, Yin.  Welcome to the bulletin board!  I'm Satoshi from Chiba, Japan.

I know the spelling system of Japanese is very complicated.  Two sets of syllabary 
of hiragana and katakana  Thousands of Chinese characters.  In addition to them, 
the Latin alphabets are commonly used.  It must be the most complicated spelling 
system among all languages on the earth.

But the grammar is very easy to make up for the spelling.  So, I hope you'll relax 
yourself and come to Japan sometime in the near future.

jamil alivia DATE: 17 May (Wed) 22:27:08

im jamil and i live here in japan

yin-chan DATE: 13 May (Sat) 22:51:54

Hello! I am new here, my name is Yin and I am from Australia.

I can speak some Japanese but not all of it - and I can only read hiragana. (haha, it's so difficult!) But I love learning the language and want to live in Japan in the future.

Anyway, Gibhli films are amazing, my favourite is Howls Moving Castle. Nice to meet you all! ^__^

Satoshi DATE: 25 Apr.(Tue) 17:39:31

Hi, Steve.  Welcome to the bulletin board!

Do you study urban planning?  Wow, what a coincidence!  MIYAZAKI Goro^, the director 
of Ghibli's new film "Tales from Earthsea" is an ex-urban planner.

Tama is a very beautiful town.  I hope you can visit it sometime.

Satoshi DATE: 25 Apr.(Tue) 17:16:34

Princess Mononoke is to be shown on TV on May 12, Friday in Japan (in Japanese):

The program is "Kin'yo^ Ro^do Sho^" (Friday Road Show) on the NTV network and the 
airtime will be 9:00 to 11:44 p.m.

steve DATE: 20 Apr.(Th) 05:49:09

I am a student in the United States. I study Urban Planning. I just completed my senior thesis on Tama New Town.  But I have never even been there.  Thank you Mimi for all the photographs and information!

Masaru DATE: 16 Apr.(Sun) 23:47:55

Hello,My name is Masaru.I am Japanese I am looking for 

an English exchange partner, If you want to study Japanese

I can teach you  Please send me an e-mail  I am waitting for

your e-mail.

Satoshi DATE: 15 Apr.(Sat) 15:56:00

Adding to the post below -

If you want to correct Japanese pronunciation of "A Song of Therru", this is the 
lyrics rewritten in the Latin alphabets:

Satoshi DATE: 14 Apr.(Fri) 18:47:47

A trailer of "Tales from Earthsea" is now available on the Studio Ghibli site.  
The latest version of Macromedia Flash Player is needed to see it.

This is the standard screen format:

And this is the large screen format:

Translation of the words in the trailer is registered as the article dated February 26 
in this page:

And this is translation of the movie's insertion song, "A Song of Therru".  The first 
and third refrain of the song are used in the trailer:

General person DATE: 30 Mar.(Th) 13:30:33

When beginning, it is a general person. 
It came to be able finally to write English. 
My best regards in the future. 
By the way, does you know "Mariocart DS"?
Please teach when knowing. 

Satoshi DATE: 17 Mar.(Fri) 15:29:29

SHIMIZU Masako, the English-Japanese translator of the Earthsea series has given 
an article to the Studio Ghibli's website:

She says that she was the person who told Studio Ghibli the message of Le Guin 
that she wanted to make a film of Earthsea series by MIYAZAKI Hayao.

Christine liu DATE: 5 Mar.(Sun) 22:45:43

Mandarin Chinese training is available. Native speaker with 5+ years of teaching experience. Able to work with 

all levels and abilities. Conversation practice, Business Chinese (degree in International Trade), HSK Preparation 

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Japanese man DATE: 5 Mar.(Sun) 02:44:43

I am Japanese. Therefore, I want to talk Japanese. 

deathGod   DATE: 5 Mar.(Sun) 02:41:32

Does Cisally say that this bulletin board is good?

Cisally DATE: 5 Mar.(Sun) 01:47:14

Respect to admin! Your site is nice. I just cant express in words what a great site this is!

Satoshi DATE: 28 Feb.(Tue) 17:31:32

Hi, Branduil!

I was moved by the trailer and the song, too.  I saw the trailer on television 
because the program showed the complete version.

Especially I love the song, "A Song of Theru".  The song is touching very much and 
the voice is incredibly clear and warm!

I'm looking foreword to see the movie.

Branduil DATE: 24 Feb.(Fri) 16:56:04

I saw the trailer for "Tales from Earthsea" at GhibliWorld.com. I was impressed. Miyazaki
Goro seems to have inherited much of the talent of his father, if the movie is as good as 
the trailer. Also, the song was very well done.

Nice to meet you, Hana.

Satoshi DATE: 23 Feb.(Th) 17:30:38

Hi, Kelvin!

HDTV is still too expensive to be popular in Japan.  Actually I haven' t seen any 
program by HDTV, so I can't find it's better than DVD or not.  But I want to see it 
if I have a chance, and even I want to have it if it become cheaper.

Satoshi DATE: 23 Feb.(Th) 15:09:08

The date when MIYAZAKI Hayao talks about Ghibli Museum and his three new short films 
showing there on television has been changed (in Japanese):

He will appear on the program "Seikatsu Hot Morning" of NHK network at 8:35 to 9:25 
on February 27, Monday next week.

Satoshi DATE: 22 Feb.(Wed) 15:08:03

NTV network will give important reports on the Ghibli new feature film, "Tales 
from Earthsea" in the program "Zoom-In Asa" tomorrow morning (in Japanese):

The program is to be broadcast from 5:30 to 8:00 in the morning.

And this is re-post of the news about Ghibli Museum.
MIYAZAKI Hayao will talk about Ghibli Museum and his three new short films showing 
there on television (in Japanese):

He will appear on the program "Seikatsu Hot Morning" of NHK network at 8:35 to 9:25 
on February 24, Friday this week.

Kelvin DATE: 21 Feb.(Tue) 22:11:39

Hi! I have a question about High Definition TV in Japan, 
Is it popular in Japan? Do you need to pay extra for HDTV?
One of my friends sent me some animes which were captured from BS-i channel
Compared with my DVDs (Japanses version, the name of the anime that I bought was called "AIR"), 
HDTV was a lot, a lot better than DVD. 
After watching it, I just feel that DVD is nothing~

Kelvin DATE: 21 Feb.(Tue) 21:31:22

hi! Nice to meet you too!
Where do you from?
I'm from Hong Kong and I like Ghibli's anime very much~
Specially Whisper of the Heart and Spirited Away

Satoshi DATE: 21 Feb.(Tue) 09:01:28

MIYAZAKI Hayao will talk about Ghibli Museum, Mitaka on television (in Japanese):

Director Miyazaki will appear on "Seikatsu Hot Morning" of NHK at 8:35 to 9:25 
on February 24, Friday this week.  He is going to talk about the museum and 
his three short films showing there.

Satoshi DATE: 16 Feb.(Th) 17:48:23

Long time no see, HANA (^^

How have you been?

Satoshi DATE: 16 Feb.(Th) 17:44:35


I hope so, too.  But in the nominees, Wallace & Golmit seems popular among film 
makers, so it may be hard that Howl win the Oscar.

Satoshi DATE: 16 Feb.(Th) 17:24:27

Studio Ghibli has announced the voice cast for Tales from Earthsea:

Prince Arren will be voiced by OKADA Jun'ichi (25).  He is known as a member of 
the popular music sextet V6, and a leading role actor for movies and TV series.  
He also did the voice of Alan Tracy in the American movie Thunderbirds.

Ged will be voiced by SUGAWARA Bunta (72), who is famous as a leading role actor 
for a lot of Yakuza movies.  And he also did the voice of Kamajii in Spirited Away.

The images are Prince Arren (up) and Ged (down).

MiniBBS v3.3 is Free.