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Kevin's Tap & Read

If you are a Stickist, you MUST go Kevin's Tap And Read. You can find many useful resources; such as scores for Stick. Also browse other parts of his page, it's so cool!

Hiro's StickWire Archives

Are you interested in the Stick? Check out StickWire mailing list archives here. There is another StickWire archive site running by Grant Green, but Grant Green archives them all (I think), but Hiro archives them by themes. Also Hiro put the transcription of Jim Lampi's (My Favorite Stick Player) 'Petite Pause' in his home page.

Grant Green's StickWire Archives

Almost all member of StickWire visited this page, to check out what kinds of subjects were discussed before. It is nice to check them out before you post your question to StickWire.

Greg's Page

Greg is multi-musical-instrument player, of course, he plays the Stick, too. This site could be the best place to get the Stick Sound files.


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