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Here, I'd like to recommend you some CDs. All of opinions here are completely personal, by my taste.

TV Weather - Jim Lampi

Jim Lampi is one of the most famous Stick Play around the world, but only known to Stick/Warr Guitar players. His first album , TV Weather, is released at 1991 and still my favorite CD by Stick/Warr Guitar player. Tech and arranges are remarkable. If you are Stick or Warr Guitar player, this CD is a must have.

You can get one from Stick Enterprises Inc.

ADVENT - Advent

If you like Gentle Giant or YES, you will like this CD. This prog rock CD is made with very elaborate arrangements, with many instruments. Although they uses Stick, it is not a main instrument. More detail to see their home page.

Mellow Records
You can get one from a member, Alan Benjamin , directly.

Random And Providence - Marco Cerletti

Including New age and mellow songs, his arrangements are splendid. The main instrument is the Stick. However, his style is different from Jim Lampi's. In my opinion, Jim is a solo Stick player and Marco tend to use overdubs to extend his music.

COD Records 1990
You can get one from Stick Enterprises Inc.

New World Dance - Babatunde Olaunji, Bob Culbertson & African Rain

Mixing African beat and American Pop music. Although Bob Culbertson is definitely a good Stick player, their intention is focused with their compositions and arrangements.

One World Records
You can get one from Stick Enterprises Inc.

Picture of Exhibition, Firebird - Kazuhito Yamashita (solo guitar)

I must admit he is the best guitarist in the world. He plays them all alone with his classical guitar. If you are guitarist, you won't regret!

BMG Victor Co.
CD Shop around you, I think.


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