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HenoHeno Baliset Software

Baliset is a common name used for tapping instruments. Like guitar or piano. Stick(R) is a registered trademark of Stick Enterprises Inc.

Baliset Player

Here is the software for tapping instruments. Actually it should be used for guitars and bass guitars...

Baliset Player is a helper software for balisetters (tapping instrument players) for @Windows 95/98/NT.

It helps to...
*** Caution ***

Program are compiled by VB and VC++ Japanese version. All the menu and message I wrote was in English and I have tested it on the English version of Windows though, it could be a problem.

It supports various baliset type(10, 12(6+6), 12(7+5), 8, 8(4+4), ....).

And it's free!

Here is snapshots


Main window


advice window


midi player window


config window

Sample of Text Tab generated by this software

Should view with fixed font

Sample Midi file used

This song is called 'Yume', composed by Rick Bellinger.

Download Baliset Player Version 0.4 (1.9Mb)

Want to read ReadMe File? Click Here!


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