HenoHeno Theremin

HenoHeno Theremin

HenoHeno Theremin

What the hell the Theremin is?

small Theremin.gif One of the first radio-electric instrument is called 'Theremin' invented 1920s. It has two antennas, one for change the tone, the other for change the volume. Very simple signal is produced by oscillators by the position of hands, right hand for tone, left for volume. They are changed by how close your hands are to the antennas. The sound of Theremin is very simple. Although if it is used with effecters, you can get very unique sounds.

My theremin has only one antenna for tone, no volume control by bought at Ishibashi Music Shop. The original Theremin looks like a bust box though, mine are looks like a guitar effecter. Some Theremin players can control the tone by moving their hands to produce fancy music, though it is very difficult.

HenoHeno Theremin Parts

Quite Simple Theremin

small Theremin.gif This is my Theremin. It's compact version of Theremin. If you are Theremin freak, you don't want it call a Theremin?

HenoHeno Theremin How to Play

How to Play the Theremin?

small Theremin.gif Theremin Pose1.gif Moving hands around the antenna. This is the end of story. The person of the left picture is MARIO; an infamuse dancer, not me.


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