HenoHeno WX7

HenoHeno Wind Controller

HenoHeno WX7

What the hell the WX7 is?

small WX7.gif WX7 is a MIDI controller. A Reed type musical instrument. It has about 7 octaves and played very easy.

HenoHeno WX7 Parts

MIDI Controller WX7

small WX7.gif This is my WX7. Because it is black, these pictures are hard to recognize. So I have modified the pictures a little bit to reveal the shapes. WX7 can send note on/off, breath control, volume, after-touch, pitch-bend, program change MIDI events.

HenoHeno WX7 How to Play

How to Play the WX7?

small WX7.gif It is hard to describe how to play WX7 though, it is almost same as saxophones. But plus alphas. Back side of WX7, it has 5 octave keys. So if you memorized the one octave fingering, you can play 6 octaves without any other efforts.

There two types of pitch bend controls. One for lip, usually faint pitch bend up, or down and up. The other for pitch-bend wheel, used for wide pitch bend up and down.

There is another function called 'key hold'. Which produce polyphonic but it is difficult to explain here.

HenoHeno WX7 Sound

How About the Sound?

small WX7.gif The sound of WX7 depends on which MIDI device you are using. However, this MIDI controller has the best control of MIDI device I know! Only the bad thing I can tell is, it is not good idea to eat something before you play.


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