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HenoHeno Music

HenoHeno Stick

What the heck The Stick(R) is?

small Stick.gif The Stick is a young (about 20 years old) musical instrument. Emmett Chapman invented this and spread the potential of music. It has usually 10 (called Standard Stick) or 12 (called Grand Stick) strings and be played by tapping using both hands. It can generate the sound like piano or guitar. Due to the size of HP, I have to delete the explaination of Stick, but I put a software of it! More Detail

The Stick and Grand Stick are the trademarks of Stick Enterprises, Inc..

HenoHeno Theremin

Actually, It's a compact Theremin?

small Theremin.gif There is another musical instrumental here. It is called 'Theremin'. One of the oldest electric musical instrument. It is developed 1920s. See the antenna? When you move your hand around it, tone will change. However, the original Theremin has quite different shape, like a dust box. More Detail

HenoHeno Wind Controller

OK, What is the Next? Huh?


small WX7.gif This is called 'Wind Synthesizer'. Actually, it is a MIDI controller. It is very easy to control...More Detail

HenoHeno Ztar

And Last? Geee?


small Ztar.gif This is also a MIDI Controller shaped guitar. Instead of strings, it uses switches for frets. Is that all? Not a chance, it has a whole bunch of functions...

This is currently (at 1998/1/24) only one instrument model in the world. I got it from StarrLab in U.S.A., and this is the first one for this model. They have many models and mine is called MiniZXS. Mini-size Ztar is called like MiniZ. And 'X' for drum pads, and 'S' for Real String triggers.More Detail


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