Banda Islands

front : Banda Neira (The airport are located)
behind : Gunug Api (The avtive volcano)
Banda/Sjahrir Island
Sjahrir Island
Excursion around Gunung Api by boat
Front view from Hotel Maulana
Banda/Fort Bergica
Fort Belgica
It's located at top of the hill in main island, Banda Naira. It's said that Christopher Columbus was searching for Spice Islands of Moluccas when he discovered America instead in 1492. The Portuguese arrived in Banda in 1512. They were the first European to come searching for the nutmeg. Next came the Dutch in 1599. The construction of this Dutch fort began in 1611.
My first trip to Banda Island was in November 1989 after the most recent eruption in May 1988. So far I've been there 3times, November/1988 ,March/1990 and November/1996 .
how to get there To Ambon:usually fly from Denpasar Bali via Ujungpandang.
To Banda Islands:fly from Ambon by small plane/Merpati Airlines.
about there Banda groups consist of three main islands and seven others.
From the areas around main islands, Banda Naira, Gunung Api and Banda Besar,
to 20 km away Hatta and Run island, diving in Banda offers beautiful, abundant and untouched marine life, add unending fascination.
From superb coral gardens to dramatic trop-offs that vibrate with color, movement and life.
information *Hotel maulana & Laguna in Banda Naira PHONE (++62)(910) 21022 FAX (++62)(910) 21024
Banda/KolaKola02 Banda/KolaKola04
The Kola Kola
When I visited in November 1996, they had the Kola Kola festival prosperously.
Some teams competes in the yearly canoe race between Na ira and Api. Also, there are kid's team race, and swimming race.
Banda/KolaKola05 Banda/KolaKola06
In honor of the winners of the race After the race, singing and dancing, add TV crew