Tanjung Bira / Slayar April / 2002
New diving resort is coming soon.

Above; TanaBeru is known as a place for making traditional wooden boats.

Opossite above; Tanjung Bira, beautiful white sand beach.

Opossite; We got the ferry to Slayar island from here.
It is 3 hours to Slayar. For ferry schedule, it's once a day or twice a day,depends the date of the week.

Ferry port of Slayar

Benten, main city in Slayar
Above and Opossite above; Taka Bonerate Marine Service,
Now Japanese are making a new diving resort in Selayar is located to a little to the south of Benten, It takes 30 minutes by car from Benten. But just 15minutes from the air port. It is under construction and the open will be soon.

Opossite; There are three fright from UjungPandans to Benten (also return) by DIRGANTARA AIR SERVICE. (Only 45 minutes and max 9 person)