Togian / Waleabahi

Togian cabbage coral02
Togian fan01 Walea diving boat
Togian coral02 Togian sponge01
Togian jetty01
Under the jetty
Togian house reef
House reef
Togian batfish
At under the jetty and house reef, they are full of fun. we dive there easyer.
Walea has a lot of dive sites. (However I haven't seen a dive map there.) Usually we have 2 boat dives. Add if we like we can dive from jetty.
Outside Walea Resort, at reef slopes and walls, and atolls, we can see school of barracuda, big-eyed jacks, tunas and great diversity of fish. I saw a sperm whale from a boat. Also I hard from guests they met a whale shark underwater. Visibility and Coral is excellent. There are Italian and Indonesian dive guides.

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Togian / Walea