Max's Jazz in Nagoya is the place for people
who wants to enjoy the jazz music in Nagoya area.
Nagoya is the center of Japan geographically,
also one of the best place to enjoy the jazz music.
Please dig it with the following information.
-Since 1997-

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CUG Jazz Orchestra Live at Osu-Engeijyo vol.11
Date: July 28(SA) ‚P‚TF‚O‚O| ‚P‚WF‚O‚O|
Place: Osu-Engeijyo \3000Student\2500
Info: CUG Office TEL:052-774-2201
Summer Jazz in Kita-Nagoya 2018
Date: August 19(SU) ‚P‚VF‚R‚O|
Musicians: Koji Goto Trio / Mie Jhoke / Wataru Hamasaki / Girl's Night Out
Place: Kita-Nagoyashi Bunka-Kinro-Kaikan Dai-Hall \1500
Info: Kumazawa-kogyo/ Kumazawa, Sato TEL:0568-22-1733
Info: CBC Jigyo-bu TEL:052-241-8118
Sadao Watanabe Orchestra
Date: August 30(TH) ‚P‚XF‚O‚O|
Place: Toyota Shimin-Bunka-Kaikan Dai-Hall 9800
Takeo Moriyama with Yosuke Yamashita
Date: September 1(SA)@‚P‚VF‚O‚O|
Place: CBC Hall 4800
Chikuzen Sato & Rika Tanaka
Date: September 2(SU) ‚P‚VF‚O‚O|
Musicians: Koji Goto Trio
Place: CBC Hall 4800
Les Freres~Yoshida Brothers
Date: September 3(MO) ‚P‚XF‚O‚O|
Place: Nihon-Tokushu-Togyo Shimin-Kaikan Villege Hall 8500
The Manhattan Transfer
Date: September 4(TU) ‚P‚XF‚O‚O|
Place: Nihon-Tokushu-Togyo Shimin-Kaikan Villege Hall 15000
Hiroko Kokubu & Ikuko Kawai
Date: September 6(TH) ‚P‚WF‚S‚T|
Place: Denki-Bunka-Kaikan The Concert Hall 7800
Naoko Terai 30th Anniversary Concert Extra
Date: September 7(FR) ‚P‚XF‚O‚O|
Place: Bottom Line \8500
Jazz Night of Four Femail Vocalist
Date: September 8(SA) ‚P‚VF‚O‚O|
Musicians: Yumi Imaoka / junko / Midori Tanno / Mika Watanabe / Kazuyoshi Kuroda‚R
Place: BL cafe \3000
Kazumi Watanabe~Takao Tajima
Date: September 9(SU) ‚P‚VF‚O‚O|
Place: ReNY limited \7800
Eijiro Nakagawa•Masaki Hayashi
Date: September 9(SU) ‚P‚VF‚O‚O|
Place: Kariya-shi Bunka Center Sho-Hall \4000
Info: Music Anfu TEL:090-9906-3912
The Glenn Miller Orchestra
Date: November 3(SA) ‚P‚VF‚R‚O|
Place: Nisshin Shimin-Kaikan Dai-Hall S\5500 A\5000
Info: Nisshin Shimin-Kaikan TEL:0561-72-0955
Okazaki Jazz Street 2018
Date: November 3(SA)-4(SU)
Place: Okazaki-jyo Ninomaru Nogaku-do^Libra Hall etc. 1 Day\4000 Two Days\7000
Info: Okazaki Jazz Street TEL:0564-83-5187