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the Deutsche Kakteen-Gesellschaft (DKG) , Germany

The Cactus and Succulent Society of America (CSSA) , USA

, UK

Instituto de Botanica Darwinion
, Argentina

Associazione Italiana Amatori Piante Succulente , Italy

Nederlands/Belgische vereniging van liefhebbers van cactussen en vetplanten

The International Organization for Succulent Plant Study (IOS)

International Association

Polish Cactus & Succulent Society OKMKS, Poland

The 'Kaktus-Klub' journal, Russia

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK

Cactipedia, Italy

, UK

, Latin America

, Taiwan China

, By Graham Charles,UK

, By Mr.Cinerea, Japan

, By Philippe Faucon, France

, By Petr Koupelka, Czech Republic

, By Yann Cochard, France

,By Willy Smith, Argentina

,By Daiv Freeman, USA

, By Composicao, Brazil

, By Lida and Pavel Pavlicek, Czech Republic

, By Valery Kalishev, Russia

, By Allard Bax , Holland

, By Jan Martin Jecminek, Czech Republic

, By Valentino Vallicelli,Italy

, By Oleg Pikalev, Russia

, By Mr.Shabomaniac, Japan

Blog of Cactus and Succulent

Shabomaniac! , By Mr.Shabomaniac, Japan

, By Zvone Rovsek, Slovenia

Homepage of Andrea Lohmuller + Friedrich A. Lohmuller , Germany

, By Markus Spaniol, Germany

SagtaCactus' photostream , By Sebastian Hugo Santecchia, Salta, Argentina , By Ralf Holzheu, Germany

, By Michael Kiesling , Germany

, By Andreas Wessner, Germany

THE AMATEURS' DIGEST , By Marina Welham, Canada

, Homepage der AG Echinopsishybriden(DKG), Germany

, By Pavel Klouda, Czech Republic

, By Alexander Kovalevich, Russia

, By Gerhard Kohres , Germany

, By Bouly, France

, By Willy Gertel, Germany

Ariocarpus Living Rocks from Mexico , By Geoff Bailey & John Miller, UK , By Konrad Schattke, Germany

, By Franck Martin, UK

, By Andy G. Damm, Russia

, By Mr. Jeremiah, Japan

, By Klaus-Peter Kleszewski , Germany

,By Jakub Jilemicky, Czech Republic

CACTUSALTA, By Esteban Paker - TITO -, Salta, Argentina

Forum specialized in cactus, succulent and plants, Argentina

Cactus en La Rioja, Argentina., By Mr.Galgazio, La Rioja. Argentina

, By G. Anceschi & A. Magli,Italy

Cacti collection-Holzheu, By Ralf Holzheu, Germany

The Brazilian CactiProject, By Marlon Machado, Brazil