Sexual Norms: Where Does America Stand Today?
By Frank Newport

SEX. An alien tied up and forced to watch America's daytime talk shows might conclude it's all our society ever thinks about, and that when it comes to sexual interaction, anything goes. Sexual behavior and sexual deviance continue to dominate the nation's news media as much or more than ever before. The nation's chief executive is set to respond in court to charges that he was unable to channel his sexual instincts in normative ways, sportscasters Frank Gifford and Marv Albert occupied a great deal of media attention for their alleged forays into usually forbidden sexual territory, former Air Force Lt. Kelly Flinn is now out with her new book reviewing the sad saga of her sexual relations on an isolated Air Force Base in North Dakota, former and current vice presidents weigh in with their views on the morality of sexual behavior as portrayed on television sitcoms, and the list goes on.