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Listening room, works by Tamaho MIYAKE

(They are MP3 files.)


b. for 2 violins and percussions(6.6MB)
2001, Osaka

Two or More for clarinet and violoncello (2.69MB)
1999, Osaka


Improvisation by 4 hands piano(5.31MB)
Tamaho Miyake and Daisuke Terauchi (Piano, ballon, voice)
7 Nov. 2007, Trytone Festival, Zaal100, Amsterdam

Picture my ear, Performance at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam(7.08MB)
Yann Cleary (Guitar, Voice, Voice-sampler, Keyboard)
Tamaho Miyake (Voice, etc.)
11 March 2007, Amsterdam

Improvisation at Old Church(3.83MB)
Daisuke Terauchi (Voice with running)
Tamaho Miyake (Breath noise and voice)
18 January 2007, Amsterdam

Duo improvisation (5.96MB)
Michael Fisher (Soprano saxophone)
Tamaho Miyake (Theremin)
7 May 2006, Leuven

Duo improvisation (9.25MB)
Haruhiko Okabe (Tenor Saxophone)
Tamaho Miyake (Piano)
26 April 2006, Leiden

Performance at White Elephant in Rotterdam (10.1MB)
Tamaho Miyake (Voice, Theremin, Keyboard Harmonica, Recorder and some small instruments)
Daisuke Terauchi (Recorder, Voice, Keyboard Harmonica and some small instruments)
Wieland Moeller (Drums)
Gonzalo Pinto d'Almeida (Doublebass)
Michal Osowski (Computer)
2 March 2006, Rotterdam

Some parts of improvisations

Senryu at stubnitz, Fragment1Fragment2
Chisato Seino (Senryu performance)
Daisuke Terauchi (Voice, Sampler, Percussions)
Tamaho Miyake (Vietnamese harp, Percussions)
20 July 2005, Amsterdam

Improvisation at stubnitz
Toshikazu Marumachi (Noh dance)
Daisuke Terauchi (Keyboard harmonica, Voice, Recorder, Percussions)
Tamaho Miyake (Theremin, Percussions)
7 August 2005, Amsterdam


Deshima, Hisashi Shibata Fashon show
Hisashi Shibata (Costume design)
Tamaho Miyake, Daisuke Terauchi (Music)
Kuta Kondo, (Movie edition)
15 June 2006, Amsterdam