irenewal:2018.10.27j Self introduction

The date of birth: Oct. 27.1953 65 years old

My name is Kazutoshi Saigou.

I work at Senior High School. I taught math and I was a volleyball coach.

The differential calculus integration science and linear algebra are being told at a university at present.

Takamori Saigou, a famous statesman in the Meiji era, was the elder brother of my great grandfather. I am the great-grandson of Judou Saigou.At the back of this homepage is the family crest of Saigou family.

iI'm afraid not all people can view it. Internet explore 3.0 is the best for viewing it.j

I live in Kiso-higashi in Machida city. We were a family of four, i my wife Tamae, first son Rikimaru ( English teacher), second son Tomomaru ( a pharmacistj

I have always been full of curiocity, so it is important for me to try new things. That's why I decided to make my homepage. The main purpose of this homepage is for everyone's enjoyment,(not for profit) Everybody is welcome !

I am a great fan of Japanese professional wrestling. I have thousands of wrestling video tapes. You can visit some of them on this site.

Please join my homepage, take a look at my homepage and feel free to write your comments.

This pages is English .


Sorry,Next pages are still Japanese only .

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