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 Minnna no Benriya  

Handy Men  for Everyone in Need in OSAKA JAPAN

UP DATE 2001.11.14

A special message for the guest who visited our web site from overseas:

Please make use of our service if you have a chance to come over to Japan.
We look forward to serving you.

Minnna no Benriya , or Handymen for Everyone in Need, is offering versatile
services as professional
handymen to everyone in need of our help.
We take care of your troubles with our utmost sincerity.
 We are engaged in our activities mainly in Kansai area but will be willing
to render our services in other areas as well.
 We would be happy to meet requirements of elderly people, handicapped
persons or non-Japanese.
Needless to say, we will hold your private information strictly secret.

Please feel free to get in touch with us. We are always at your service.
E-mail tetsu-fuji@hi-ho.ne.jp

Last updated June 20, 2000


<Table of Contents>

 Major Activities - The services we are offering and the estimated fees

2.活動例   ・・・例えばこんな依頼がありました。
 Some Examples of What We Have Done So Far

3.概要      ・・・「みんなの便利屋」はこんなところでです。
 Outline of Our Company - Introduction of Minna no Benriya

 How to Make an Inquiry - How to make contact with us for our services.

 Inquiry Wanted - We look forward to your inquiry.

6.リンク  ・・・ほかにもこんな仲間がいます。
 Link to our companions



1.【活動内容】 こんなことやっています
< Major Activities>
The services we are offering are as follows:

Contents Fees

Quite reasonable
Consultations 1000yen/hour

Counsel (based mainly on Client-centered therapy)

Mental distress 1000yen/hour
Uneasiness, personal troubles 1000yen/hour
Infidelity of your partner 1000yen/hour
Worries related to the relationship with the opposite sexes 1000yen/hour
Other personal worries 1000yen/hour
Need someone to talk with? 1000yen/hour
Are you looking for someone to have fun with? 1000yen/hour
Investigation 1000yen/hour
Various sort of investigation 1000yen/hour
 To give an advice on how to use a PC 1000yen/hour
Referral 1000yen/hour
Sending tutors for your children 1000yen/hour
Babysitting 1000yen/hour
Doing things on your behalf 1000yen/hour
Accompanying 1000yen/hour
To go shopping on your behalf or to accompany your shopping 1000yen/hour
Caretaking 1000yen/hour
Telephone operator 1000yen/hour
To build your home page 1000yen/hour
 To assist your practice in driving 1000yen/hour
To send guides. 1000yen/hour
Queuing up for an event 1000yen/hour
Buying tickets for you 1000yen/hour
Cleaning your garden 1000yen/hour
Disposal of garbage 1000yen/hour
To accompany your golf 1000yen/hour
Play mate 1000yen/hour
Rehearsal for your date 1000yen/hour
Rehearsal for your reception of important guests 1000yen/hour
To accompany your trip or to serve as a babysitter during your trip 1000yen/hour
Picking up and seeing off your customers at an airport, a station and so

Upon consultation, we will talk with you to see if we can meet your
that are not specified above.


2. 【活動例】 例えばこんな依頼がありました
We have taken care of the requests mentioned below.

 We are ready to satisfy various requirements such as to take care of
mental problems, physical problems, worries over a family relationships, or
doing miscellaneous jobs for you.

 For your reference, the following are some of the cases that we have dealt
wit in the past:

Matters relating to the clients' privacy are not mentioned here for the sake of confidentiality.

Requests;  To videotape the applicant's stage performance

We discussed the details over the phone and through exchange of letters.
 And finally we made the shooting.
In consideration of videotaping of a three-to-four-hour stage performance,
we received 4,000 yen.

Request; The inquirer wanted to purchase a mobile phone but he did not which model to buy.

We talked with the inquirer over the phone to clarify his needs.
We looked into the available products, specifications and services and
compiled a report for the inquirer.
We charged \2,500 as research fee and mail stamp fee.

Request; A show by an idol was scheduled but the inquirer could not go to the venue and make a queue to
buy a ticket since his house was remote from the venue.

We exchanged e-mail to discuss details
 Our staff member went to the venue at 5 a.m. and waited in a line to buy a
ticket and gave it to the inquire
We received 5,000 yen plus transportation fee as a consideration.


Request; The inquirer wanted to know what counseling is, what phycotherapy
is and what we do in these regards.


We explained about basic concept and our policy over the phone for free.

Request; The inquirer wanted to learn how to net surf and how to echange e-mail with his PC.

We talked with the inquirer over the phone and visited his house
We are currently teaching him as to how to set up a PC on top of
introducing some good providers.
This project is still under way and the fee in not decided yet.



 3.【概要】 みんなの便利屋」はこんなところです
Outline of Our Company - Introduction of Minna no Benriya

Our activities are mainly made up of the following three categories.

1. Mental assistance such as to take care of your mental problems, worries,
etc. or to be your listener

2.Intellectual assistance such as gathering information, investigation and so

3.Physical assistance such as doing your family business on your behalf etc.


Our primary aim is to give, within our capacity, satisfactory service to our inquirer
rather than merely seeking profits. Through our activities, we intend to further improve
our technique and to become more well-acquainted with the current social status.

name;  Tesumaru Fujita (Counselor)
Address: -cho, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture,Japan
  E-mail tetsu-fuji@hi-ho.ne.jp
Phone: 090-1714-6084
This man with a sleepy look is me.I believe that my actual face is slightly better than this photo.
Profile I had been wishing to do something that would be beneficial for people.
This idea lead me to study counseling and I gained a qualification approved
by the Labor Ministry.
To make use of of this qualification and to serve for the benefit of
I started this handy man


 4.【依頼方法】 こんな感じで依頼を受けています
  How to apply:
It is our policy to have an ample discussions beforehand with our customer
to decide the fee and the time spent for the particular issue so that there
will not be any trouble.

 Our aim is to fulfil our duty with the utmost sincerity and with a reasonable fee.

We are not in a position to do things that are against the law or morality or that endanger our lives.

Please understand that, in some occasions, we may not be able to spare
enough time or we can give you only a limited service.

The following are the steps we take upon your request:

A favored fee and service would be considered for elderly persons,
handicapped persons and non-Japanese.

The fee we charge is set by taking into consideration the transportation
and minimum expenses that we
have to bear so that we will not be in the red.

 Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone.
The major area of our activities is Keihanshin (Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe areas).
We will render our services in other areas if our schedule permits.

Our service is available basically on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays
and in the evening
of weekdays. For important matters, we will take care of them even in the
daytime of weekdays.

You can always reach us by e-mail or phone.

As for phone call, we would be obliged if you could make contact with us
after 10 p.m. of weekdays
or any time on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


 5.【依頼募集】 みなさんの質問・依頼を待っています
We look forward to your inquiries.

Please feel free to make inquiries via e-mail or phone.
We welcome requests, any questions and inquiries.

Phone: 090-1714-6084

E-mail to: tetsu-fuji@hi-ho.ne.jp


6. 【リンク】 ほかにこんな仲間たちもいます
We are happy to introduce our partners.

Wisteria Flower Saloon

 New style cosmetics
 We can dispatch our staff to your home

Our newly developed face washer enables supreme skin care
that is good for men as well.

 We would appreciate your inquiry for consultation.

Please mail to  rumatu@anet.ne.jp

Ishiguro serves for your removal and maintenance of your house

 To help your removable

Please get in touch with me when you are in need of man power
for your removable

To clean your house and furniture

We will make your valuables shine like new ones

Our special car washing skills

We will wash your car with our unique skills with our utmost care, whichwill no doubt
satisfy the needs of those who cherish their own cars
We will go to your garage to wash your car if you wish

and the fee is remarkable reasonable

We can also offer you advice if you are considering buying a used car

Please mail to burian@jeans.ocn.ne.jp

Bear, the Smart Cook

To give you tips on cooking in general

 Based on an experience as a working housewife, I can give you tips on how
to cook quick, economical and tasty meals

or how to arrange for superb meals with leftovers in your refrigerator.

I will visit your home if necessary.