Attractive place
Kitagawa River upstream, Noge

amago mark

Noge village Autumn Persimmon leaves Prepare for winter
Indian Fritillary
White Patrinia
Somamichi (Path for forestry)
The down stream of Noge Mushroom Chestnut

Kitagawa River is the place dotted with small villages along the flow. Noge village is located in the most upstream part of Kitagawa River. I heard that Noge village now lives only people over seventy years old. Even so, it seems that the village will be lively because their sons and daughters come back home with grandchildren in Obon holiday. From May to the end of September when anglers decreased, if you do not expect many catches you can spend relaxed happy time, and can meet a trout of good size sometimes. (Noge neighborhood of Mid-Sept.)

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