Kitagawa River, Noge

amago mark

Pretty Amago
In shallows
Flowering of wistaria
Open stream In small hollow Good condition

I went to fish to Kitagawa river that is the vicinity of Noge village again because I was able to do quiet pleasant fishing in the middle of April. I met only one fisher also this time. Really, I was able to enjoy going up in the mountain stream that is a climate like early summer. Besides I was able to enjoy looking at the wistaria flower and the scenery of the stream at the same time. Amagos were in shallows and they attacked to my fly anywhere. Amagos were very sensitive because in this stream, there were a lot of fishers from the opening to now, so I think that it was possible to fish being rather interested. I had a complex mind when I think that this stream will be lost by completing the dam for flood control someday. (I referred to the flood control dam of the above-mentioned on the pages of Aso river and Kitagawa river.)

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