Naesugidani River,
Hitsukuratani River, Ashiu

amago mark

Fly casting
Fly fishing
Oba-asagara (Epaulette tree)
Stream of Hitsukuratani
Slope in green Nice Amago

In this year, Ashiu special area (Naesugidani River, Hitsukuratani River) is opened. I went to fishing with my friend after an interval of several years on the last day because it will become the closed season from June 1. I met with him at the "Mountain Lodge Ashiu" because I was receiving a contact from the German youth who are planning on fishing in Ashiu, and we enjoyed fishing together. Because there is been operating as Ashiu Forest Research Station of Kyoto University (The former Experimental Forest) even now, I was able to meet to the stream that does not change with my former impression, so I became a happy feeling. I could realize that nature is still kept by a wild trout that my friend caught at Hitsukuratani River, but there were few signs of fish and the pressure by anglers were also high so we did not able to have the results of good fishing. Still we were blessed with good weather, and were able to do pleasant fishing. (0531)

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