Naesugidani River, Ashiu

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Upper stream from the dam
Upper stream of the dam
Naesugidani map
Gate of Testing Forest
Stream of Naesugidani Riv. -1

Naesugidani River runs through the Testing forest of Kyoto University and joins Yuragawa River that runs along the forest track. There is stocked fishing area of 1.6km (1mile) from the first dam that is above the junction to the second dam. The other area is natural fishing area. Wild Yamame lives in the upper streams that are very small. If May have passed, those streams are covered with green leaves and it is protecting Yamame. Naesugidani, Hitsukuratani are quiet valleys because few hikers or anglers only passes, compared with the path that is along the Main stream of Yuragawa River. We can find villagers growing shiitake mushroom in cedar grove of lower area. Living of mountain village is coexisting with nature there. (There is a case of closed fishing year.)
Stream of Naesugidani Riv. -2 Ochiaibashi Bridge
Down stream of Ochiaibashi Bridge

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