The upper stream of Mazegawa River

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The upper stream of Mazegawa River 1
The upper stream of Mazegawa River 2
The upper stream of Mazegawa River 3

I met again to Daniel-san of TenkaraUSA who are staying in Maze long term after an interval of one year. And I went fishing to the upper stream of Mazegawa River by his guide. Mazegawa that I had visited after a long time had changed the surrounding environment so I cannot remember the stream that I fished before soon. It was cloudy for two days when we had fished and the temperature and the water temperature were low, so there was often no reaction to a dry kebari. Still, I was able to meet some trout, and was able to enjoy the clear stream and the beautiful nature enough. I was allowed to stay in Rocky-san's home that Daniel-san stays and it became happy fishing-trip. Rocky-san is manager of "Fishing Center Mizube no Yakata" to discover the real country life of Japan. There is Minami Hida Mazegawa Hot Spring "Miki no Sato" near "Mizube no Yakata". It is the best to warm the body that has gotten cold by fishing. (June 09-10, 2011)

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