Mazegawa River, Kawaue

amago mark
Maze Village is located in the northern part of south Hida, Gifu.
It is surrounded by mountains of 3,000 feets class high.

stream field map of maze fisher
View of upper stream Near Camp area
amago stream
Amago of good figure Rapids near Kawaue
stream stream
Shallows near Kuroishi Depths near Kawaue
pampas grass outskirts of village
Pampas grass Outskirts of the village
sugo village map of japan cyuo bridge
It has stopped raining, and Sugoh is in mist. Pool near Village office

blue fish mark --- Japanese Trout or Char inhabit this place.
brown fish mark --- Standing fishing area or Stocked fishing area.

The Maze River begin to flow from Mt. Ryugamine in next Kiyomi village. That river runs through to south in the middle of the Maze village, and it joins Ichinotani River from Mt. Kaore at Kawaue of the deepest the Maze village. And it joins Yugake River, Wara River in the lower part and last Hida River.

The Iwaya dam was constructed in the south of Maze village in 1976. But there had little impact for fishing area, because there was the lower part of Maze River. Even now Maze River is great fishing area of Amago, Iwana (Char) and Ayu (Sweet fish).
The Maze village is attractive for me that Maze River has light and varied stream, and so is hot spring in lower part Nishimura.
To access to the upper reaches of Mazegawa River became very easy now but the beautiful streams are still alive and well.

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