Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu

amago mark

Lake Wakatipu
A cloud and Lake Wakatipu
Queenstown Bay
Steeple with ornament of trout
The Mall of Queenstown Sparrow Lupins

Queenstown is surrounded by the Southern Alps that are mountains of 2000m (6560ft) class. It is small town that spread on the Lake Wakatipu. The town is well known as a international resort and we can enjoy various outdoor sports all year round there. We can go anywhere in the town on foot. Main street of the town that is called The Mall has many cafe and various shop and there is always crowded. There are many flowers of Lupins, Broom, etc. along highway in the flowering season and it is very beautiful. I found the trout that was swimming on top of pier. I don't know why trout and church are related but I was impressed.

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© 1997 Yoshikazu Fujioka