Mataura River, Queenstown

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We arrived to Mataura River in about 40min. (Except time that we stopped at LakeWakatipu on the way.) after we started from our hotel of Queenstown and went south by Route 6 and went through gate of the stock farm. Mataura River runs through the pasture with winding. I went up the pool and cast fly to big Brown trout there are here and there, but it was fine weather, and there was little wind, so I was made to do hard fishing. I hooked up Brown trout of the 3kg (6.6lb) class twice but my fly was plucked in any case because trout run away at high speed after hooking. I tried the upper stream of pasture but I could not catch Brown trout after all. My right ankle began to ache badly because I twisted before 1 week, so I finished fishing of Mataura river. I am wishing to come back to here someday again.
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