Shirakawago Hirase

amago mark

Hirase Village
Nice Yamame Stream of Hirase Shirakawa Village

I returned to Kyoto after I lived in Tokyo for 3 years, and I went to Hirase of the Shokawa River after a long time. I found out Shokawa River accumulated much gravel then, but I could meet to beautiful Yamame. By using Route 158-156 from Shokawa interchange of Tokai Hokuriku express- way, we can arrive at Hirase within 30 minute nowadays. Now, a new road that not go through Hirase village was constructed from the edge of village. I think, it became convenient but we are losing the precious something. When I went to Hirase before bypass is made, the whole area of mountaineering path of Mt.Sanpokuzureyama was a habitat of Gifucho (Luehdorfia) and we could catch it at will. When I visited next, capture of the butterfly in the area was prohibited. I can understand the posture that protect the nature environment, but the nature environment was changed by construction of bypass. A slope of dogtooth violet that is a habitat of Gifucho was vanished. I thought I have been shown off foolishness and selfishness of human. What meaning did the capture prohibition of the butterfly have?

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