Shokawa River, Shirakawago Hirase

amago mark
Hirase is a typical mountain village that is surrounded by mountains.
It is located in the north western part of Gifu Prefecture.

tohyama house field map of hirase oshirakawa riv.
Tooyama house Folklore Mus. Oshirakawa Riv. in summer.
shallows chars in summer
Downstream of Miboro Dam. Silver color Iwana in summer.
shirakawago hirase hakusui falls
Hot spring district. Hirase.
amago trout in may
I caught Amago Trout in May. Hakusui Falls in beech forest.
yellow rose dogtooth violet map of japan araceae
Spring has finally come. Flowers are in full bloom. Dotted with skunk cabbage.

blue fish mark --- Japanese Trout or Char inhabit this place.
brown fish mark --- Standing fishing area or Stocked fishing area.

Shirakawago Hirase contrast with many dark rivers in Kansai. Beautiful fish live there. Though the river is cut by many dams. We can still meet enriched nature and warmhearted people.

It is hot spring district another reason why I like that place. There are secret stories of Kaerikumo Castle which disappeared by the big earthquake of the Period of War(1485) and golden legends. Fossilized footprints of a dinosaurs was found near the upper stream of the Shirakawa River recently.

There are a way of going to Route 156 and through the Hirugano and Shoukawa River of the upper stream go up north and the other way of through the Ogimachi where is known gassho-zukuri village from Takaoka city and go down south. Shirakawago Hirase was the border in former days, but we can go to there by Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway easily now.

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