Tenkara fishing
for a documentary of the BBC

amago mark

Tenkara Fishing in Shibukawa River My friend's Tenkara Fishing Tenkara Fishing in Kanzakigawa River Small Amago was fished
Video taking in Kanzakigawa River
Tenkara Fishing in Kanzakigawa River
It is not seen the first time
In memory The approach of Hitomisanso In Hitomisanso

Mr. Charles Rangeley-Wilson ( writer, photographer, TV presenter and Angler ) and the film crew came to Japan for the production of a documentary of the BBC. The theme is the fish and the culture of Japan. I attended on the Japanese traditional fly fishing Tenkara with two companions of our fishing club. It was already in the closed season on that day, but we were able to get the use permission of river by the Echigawa fishery cooperative, the Echigawa upstream fishery cooperative specially, so Charles-san was able to experience the tenkara-fishing there. On that night, we stayed in the Hitomi mountain villa, and we enjoyed animated conversation about the trout, the fishing, etc. in surroundings in the hearth. They visit various fishing, fishing ports, sushi restaurants, and fish markets, etc. in various places spending about one and a half months in Japan. I heard that they research the fish and the culture of Japan through the experience and the exchange of people. We are looking forward to the completion, because their visit schedule includes a serious place etc. (October 10, 2008)

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