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Introduction of Myself
Yoshikazu Fujioka

Born at Kyoto, Japan in 1948.
Involved in planning and design of commercial spaces from 1970.
Began trout fishing,
and began to drew trout, mountain streams, and so on in 1975.
Formed a fishing club "Tsuttenkai" with my friends in 1979.
Opened the web Page in 1997.

Shokawa River and Me
I went to Shokawa river for the first time in the spring of 1975. Large sized trouts were caught in various dams at that time by lure. It was topics of conversation. Fishing magazines were flooded with such informations. I heard Japanese trout Yamame and Amago, and Japanese chars Iwana were abundaut in various tributary streams. I began going to the Shokawa river charmed by such stories. I especially went to the Mountain Village (Shirakawago Hirase) repeatedly.

When I look back on my fishing today, I notice that only recently have I began to have the composure of mind to really enjoy being part of the nature. I was fascinated by the results of fishing when I first began fishing. I regret that I did not notice the beauty and the richness of nature. Not only Trout but also river crows, water wagtails, kingfishers, sables, foxes, warms and butterfly, tree of mountain, and even the sky meets me every twice with different expressions.

Year after year, land developement for leisure facilities and construction of rivers and roads progress for people's convenience, but the size of fish is getting smaller and smaller, and there are more and more dust in the river. I could fish Yamame when I began fishing. However, now I can't fish them very much and can fish only Amago.

We are attracted by the pure nature, but the nature is sacrificed for human life. Our children or grandchildren can enjoy fishing in the beautiful and enriched nature, depends how we can advocate the conservation of nature, and still think about relations with nature. Time has come now to do it.

My Fishing
I soon after began fishing, I caught a trout in the north of Kyoto, which just opened. I failed the casting but the fish caught my lure, which fell short of my target. I caught the fish for the first time, so I was excited and vividly remember the beautiful trout jumping on the lingering snow.
At that time, there were few fishing equipment and introductory books for lure fishing and fly fishing, and there were no instructors nearby.

dragon fly Things didn't always go as I wish, so I made my rod myself and try every means. Now a days Fishing tackles have become abundance, but I only use a few fly patterns, and don't need many kinds of fishing tackles. It's an irony.
Anglers usually prepare many kinds of fly and I was not an exception. I witnessed a big Trout jumping to a Red dragonfly and made the dragonfly at that time. It is my principle how not think about catching but fish in favorite places and use favorite tackle without any hurry.

About Tsuttenkai
Fishing club "Tsuttenkai" by display design companions.
We play bait and tenkara (Japanese fly fishing), lure, fly fishing.
We mainly go to Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo and Shiga.
One of us is crazy in fishing and forget time,
and the other take part only in the party at night,
but most of us walking picking wild plants,
and drinking during daytime. Fishing club is name only.
People won't understand what club it is,
but our club goes on since 1979 and we go fishing twice a year.

Since I often a receive requests, I have made it possible to order "TSUTTENKAI Emblem Patch". When you order, constraints such as admission to the club does not have any.

The film crew came to Japan for the production of a documentary of the BBC. I attended on the Japanese traditional fly fishing Tenkara with two companions of our fishing club.
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Paper Trout
Paper Craft of Japanese Trout and the World Trout

My Best Streams
My Best Streams & Japanese Fly Fishing "Tenkara"

Please look at here if you are interested in ordering pictures.

© 1997 Yoshikazu Fujioka