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screen image The application that displays and print copies the image of the SVG form standardized by W3C(World Wide Web Consortium) and the image of the EPS form.
It is not a plug-in of www a browser.
Also the picture of the device which gives the revolution movement with respect to the right is the picture from the SVG file.

◤Specification of program

◤Web site

SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics)1.0
SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics)1.1
SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics)1.2


◤Version history

11.0: for Monterey
10.13: dark mode
10.12: for Touch Bar
10.11: for EL Capitan
10.10.1: for Yosemite
10.6.2: for Snow Leopard.
2.1: Quick Look plugin.
1.8: I use toolbar.
1.7.4: SVG surroundings were corrected.
1.7: It corresponded to color-profile of svg.
1.6: The default color space of svg was made sRGB like the specification of W3C it.
1.5: bug fix.
1.4: SVG surroundings were corrected.
1.3: The font designated compatibility of svg it improved.
1.2: The quadratic curve and the arc of svg were corrected to a correct curve.
1.1: It corresponded to the svgz file.SVG surroundings were corrected.
1.0: The source code around SVG was revised extensively.It processes recursively making use of NSXMLNode.With this it was released from the nightmare of NSScanner.
0.6: SVG surroundings were corrected.
0.5: Writing to png and jpg was added and SVG surroundings were corrected.


The tag not supported and it is likely to hang up when SVG including the script is made to read a file.
When it writes out to the EPS file of the preview attachment, the preview graphics data of TIFF type are added to the forefront of the file. But there is no compatibility of the data of TIFF type for the preview which can read Microsoft Word.

◤Introduction of self-made library


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