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Amago in Clear Water
Head stream Museum 1 Head stream Museum 2 Head stream Museum 4 A lot of my illustrations such as animals, birds, fish, shellfishes, and insects are used for Headstream Museum of Forest and Water in Kawakami-mura Village Nara.

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Lake Biwa Museum 1 Lake Biwa Museum 2 Lake Biwa Museum 3 A lot of my illustrations such as animals, plants, birds, fish, shellfishes, and extinct organisms are used for Shiga Prefectural Lake Biwa Museum.

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Specification of picture
These are the original pictures of only one by ink and transparent watercolor.
Picture size: 273mm × 190mm (10.7in × 7.5in)
Window size: 303mm × 220mm (11.9in × 8.7in)
Paper (Watercolor paper) size: 385mm × 268mm (15.2in × 10.6in)

Specification of frame
The frame has made of wooden.
The wooden frame can be chosen from the black color or the dark brown.
The frame board is made of the acrylic of the transparency.
The picture is protected with the mat board of acid-free paper that doesn't include impurities.
Frame size (Externals size): 445mm × 368mm (14.5in × 14.5in)

¥23,000 JPY

The frame and the white mat are included in the above-mentioned price.
The shipping cost is not included in the above-mentioned price.

Shipping Method and Shipping Charge
I will use Express Mail Service (EMS) and tell you the shipping charge in each case.
(For example, it costs ¥3,800 JPY to Asia, ¥5,200 JPY to Oceania or North America, ¥5,800 JPY to Europe, ¥8,800 JPY to South America and Africa.)

Delivery Date
After receiving your order, I will make the frame and mount the picture, so it takes about 10 days to ship. The delivery takes 5 days to 7 days after shipment.
(Please understand that the delivery date may change by the postal situations in each country.)

About Order
Please order by following Order Form.
When I received order from you, I will e-mail you to confirm your request. It has the price and shipping cost, my address, telephone number, fax number, etc.
If my e-mail will not reach you in several days, you have the possibility that the mail of your order has not reached me, so please order again.
When I could prepare to send you the picture, I will contact you by e-mail again.

Payment Method and Payment Date
I will use PayPal and send you the payment request. Please pay by Paypal for within 7 days.
For other payment methods, please contact in the "Comments" space.

ペイパル|Mastercard,VISA,American Express,JCB

About Return
These are the original pictures of only one. Therefore, works cannot be returned or be exchanged. About damage under the delivery, please contact me within 7 days after the work arrives. I will exchange it for the equivalent one. If 7 days or more have passed after the work arrived or it was used or it was damaged by you, you can not return or exchange it. When you ordered, it considers that you agreed to the above-mentioned content.

History of my artwork
In 1975, I began mountain stream fishing, and began to draw animals and plants besides trout as another pleasure of fishing. Please look at History of my artwork for details.

List and title of pictures (Click On Images.)

The stream of wisteria color

The stream of wisteria color

The stream of wisteria color

Upper stream in Midsummer

Spring Ephemeral

Spring Ephemeral

Yamame and Pflueger Medalist Reel

Yamame and Pflueger Medalist

Amago in Clear Water

Amago in Clear Water

Early in the morning

Early in the morning


Order Form
Please fill in the following item, and submit the order.



Address 1

Address 2


State / Province

Zip / Postal code




Picture's title of Order Specification of frame Quantity

Payment methods

(Please write here if the shipping address is different, if you order two or more works, etc.)

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