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Trout Fishing Pages

Iwana no yakata (Japanese Language)
Iwana fishing of the headstream in Akita. Fishing article and photos of Iwana, flower etc.

Peaceful death in Tenkara of Tenkara Daio (Japanese Language)
Web site of Dr. Ishigaki, also known as Tenkara Daio (King of Tenkara). Information that is uploaded every time is interesting.

Natural Angler (Japanese Language)
Information of field, fly and fishing report about fly fishing and nature in Shizuoka.

River's Dream Of Hokkaido (Japanese Language)
Fishing stream and Landscape in Hokkaido. It has introduction to fishing books.

Anglers Gallery (Japanese Language)
Fishing, Travel and Adventures in 61 countries in the world.
Author Zamma san died on March 18, 2019 at the age of 66. May his soul rest in peace.

Organizations and Clubs

Kyoto Kitayama Tenkarakai (Japanese Language)
Official web site of Kyoto Kitayama Tenkarakai. The base of club's activity is Kyoto.

Mountain fishing log / Akita mountain fishing club (Japanese Language)
We will be moved by big Iwana (Char) and beautiful nature. It is substantial web site.

"Tanidouraku" Web Site Keiryu (Japanese Language)
Tanidouraku is a mountain fishing club's name. Fishing report, Introduction of books, etc.

Japan Fly Fishers
We can know about Japaneae Fly Fishing. This is one of Fly Fisher Federation in Japan.

National Federation of Inland Water Fisheries Cooperatives (Japanese Language)
Inland Water Fisheries Cooperatives are deeply concerned in our trout fishing very much.

Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency
News and Reports of research about Japanese fishery.

Outdoors and Others

General Fishing Links "Anglers Net" (Japanese Language)
It can search by various categories such as fishing styles, fish species and areas.

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My Best Streams
My Best Streams & Japanese Fly Fishing "Tenkara"

Please look at here if you are interested in ordering pictures.

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