Moral Issues
By Taku Ikemoto
Last update: May 19, 2012

" Increasing numbers of people across the ideological spectrum believe that our society is in deep moral trouble. The disheartening signs are everywhere: the breakdown of the family; the deterioration of civility in everyday life; rampant greed at a time when one in five children is poor; an omnipresent sexual culture that fills our television and movie screens with sleaze, beckoning the young toward sexual activity at ever earlier ages; the enormous betrayal of children through sexual abuse; and the 1992 report of the National Research Council that says the United States is now the most violent of all industrialized nations. . . . "

--- Thomas Lickona, The Return of Character Education (1993)

What Is Values Clarification? Spring 1995
Why The Current Sex Education Does Not Work April 24, 1995
Risk of Premature Sexual Activity Among Adolescents November 29, 1995
Moral Education in Japan; Implications for American Schools May 10, 1996

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