Early summer

amago mark
Pictures data: Water Color or Acrylic Color
Size: 515mm*182mm (20.3in*7.2in)
Fresh green season

Sparkling water and mountain covered with fresh green,
Trout that swim and crowd.
Everything foward the early summer are full of liveliness.

Two fishers

I always meet Greater Pied Kingfisher at the same time and place.
Its quiet appearance of peering down on the riverbed is exactly
that of an expert angler. I want to watch the ability nearer and carefully,
but it goes away somewhere when I go near to a certain distance.

In the rainy season

When I started fishing I wasn't satisfied until I go fishing though
it is rains and winds, but now I spend the rainy season making fly mostly.
I think trout are free and easier eat worms and grow up
in the river where there is nobody.

At dusk of early summer

Trout weren't interested in fly during the daytime but appear boldly
when Caddis come out at dusk. I'm surprised at it.

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