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amago mark
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japanese trout yamame
Oncorhynchus masou masou

They inhabits the Pacific Ocean side,
north of Sakawa River in Kanagawa Prefecture,
all over the Japan sea, and a part of Kyusyu,
but the habitats of Yamame
and Amago are not clearly separated now
because of artificial planting.

Sakura masu
Oncorhynchus masou masou

They are over 24 inches and go down the sea.
They come near the coast
when cherry trees blossom.
And they go up the river in early summer.
Also of the same kind,
Satsukimasu, mentioned later,
and Biwamasu inhabits the Lake Biwa
that are the same kind.
cherry salmon
japanese trout amago
Oncorhynchus masou ishikawae

They inhabits the Sakawa River in
Kanagawa and the Pacific Ocean,
all over Shikoku, north of Ono River in Oita,
and in the rivers around Seto.
Satsukimasues in Nagara River are known as
a type which goes down the sea.
and else Kiso river.

Biwa masu
Oncorhynchus masou subsp.

They inhabits the Lake Biwa and rivers
which flow into there.
They were moved to Lake Chuzenji
and Ashinoko Lake etc.
Their form and life are similar to Amago
and Satsukimasu.
I caught Biwamasu at the mouth of
the northern Lake Biwa. It was 21 inches long.

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