amago mark
Pictures data: Water Color or Acrylic Color
Size: 515mm*182mm (20.3in*7.2in)
The stream in summer

I hear leaves at the back when I'm absorbed in fishing.
When I look back, many wild monkeys watch me without any move.
It appears I've got in their way. I'm scared, so I shut my eyes to them.

After the rainy season

The river's summer come around with cicada after the rainy season.
I'm soaked with sweat and go up the river
but there isn't good fishing though I got so tired. The Japanese proverb says
"There's only one trout for every 2.5 miles in summer".
I give up and take a nap in the shade of the tree.

Shining emerald green

When I am fishing since the early morning and the sun began rising highly,
I meet swallowtail butterfly shining emerald green
on the white and dry riverbank.

In bubbles of the stream

Where have all the Trout gone? I can't find them.
I wonder if fisherman had caught them or they had hidden in bubbles of streams.
That's a wonder.

A jumping big trout

I witness a big Trout jumping at a Red dragonfly.
The dragonfly has never played an active part in the fishing
which occupies my fly case since that day.

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