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amago mark
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japanese char iwana
Salvelinus leucomaenis

They inhabits upper streams of various rivers
except Kyusyu and Shikoku.
Upper than Yamame and Amago
They are called "Gogi" in the Sanin region.
It's western most life spot in Japan.
They are called "Kirikuchi" in the Kii Peninsula.
Upper stream of Kumano River is
it's southern most life spot in the world.

Salvelinus leucomaenis

Japanese chars are 2 species
that are malma and leucomaenis.
It is almost an established theory now.
It takes them three or four years to grow up
to be about 16 inches long.
I caught one which was 14 inches long
in Shokawa River.
japanese char iwana
japanese dolly varden osyorokoma
Salvelinus malma malma

They inhabits the middle of Hokkaido, Sakhalin
to Alaska, Canada, and the northern California.
They are called "Dolly Varden"
in North America
The name comes from a Dick'ens novel, a girl
who wears a red dotted clothes everyday.

Hucho perryi

They inhabits the northern and eastern Hokkaido,
Sakhalin, Siberia, Korea, upper stream
Yangtze River and Donau river.
It takes them five or six years to grow up
to be about 20 inches long.
They are usually big.
Lots of legends have been handed down about
big fish which are over 6 feet.
Hucho perryi

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